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Primus- Telemarketing GuardTM

It’s time to take control of your calls.
Telemarketing Guard is a powerful feature included free with your Primus Home Phone service. It gives you an added layer of screening and blocking capabilities for your incoming calls, over and above the Do-Not-Call list.

This easy to use feature automatically identifies phone calls from frequent, mass telemarketers and allows you to block them, send them to voice mail or allow them to proceed.

Here’s how Telemarketing Guard works:
Telemarketing Guard automatically identifies suspected frequent, mass telemarketing calls. When such a call has been identified, the caller will be required to identify themselves. Some of these suspected telemarketers will choose to hang up or their automatic dialers will hang up and your phone won’t even ring.

Other callers may choose to identify themselves. If they do, your phone will ring and when you answer your phone, you will be advised that Telemarketing Guard has intercepted a call. You will then hear the caller’s recorded name and can choose one of these options:

  • Answer the call, after which you may use *44 to block the caller from any future calls
  • Send the caller directly to voice mail
  • Reject the call by using a keypad entry or by hanging up the phone
  • Send the current call and all future calls intercepted by Telemarketing Guard, to voice mail

If you receive telemarketing calls that have not been intercepted by Telemarketing Guard, you can dial *44 and have the number added to your telemarketer, thereby blocking all calls from this number in the future.

Telemarketing Guard constantly updates the suspected telemarketer list so that you can be assured that unwanted calls are consistently being blocked.

  • Telemarketing Guard is offered to Primus Home Phone customers at no extra cost and you can change your settings at any time.

For full details on Telemarketing Guard, please click here.