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Telemarketing Guard®

It’s time to take control of your calls.

Telemarketing Guard is a powerful feature included free with your Primus Home Phone service that provides you with an added layer of protection from annoying telemarketing and robocalls.

Telemarketing Guard does for your phone, what a spam filter does for your email inbox. This easy to use feature gives you control over who you communicate with, by automatically identifying and intercepting calls from suspected telemarketers—you decide what happens next.

Here’s how Telemarketing Guard works.

Telemarketing Guard works at the network level to automatically identify and intercept suspected telemarketing calls before your phone rings. In the default mode, the intercepted caller will have to Press '1' - similar to a 'captcha' - before the call can proceed. This causes many telemarketers and robocalls to simply hang up so that your phone never rings.

You can select from additional options such as requiring an intercepted caller to record their name before the call is connected. If they do, your phone will ring and you will hear the caller's recorded name. You can then choose to:

  • Answer the call
  • Send the call directly to voice mail (if you subscribe to this feature)
  • Reject the call by using a keypad entry or by hanging up

If a call does happen to come through undetected and you wish to block it in the future, simply press *44 after the call has ended to add the number to your personal blocked list.

Crowd-sourced protection.

If you receive telemarketing calls that have not been intercepted by Telemarketing Guard you can dial *44 to issue a Quick Report and have the number added to your personal telemarketer list, thereby blocking all calls from that number in the future. Or, you can issue a Quick Report to add the number your personal allowed friends and family list so that it is never intercepted in the future. Telemarketing Guard uses this crowd-sourced feedback to track telemarketing activity and protect customers from nuisance calls.

This free service can be easily customized to your preference or turned on or off at any time. For full details on Telemarketing Guard®, please click here.