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New Primus brand signals continued commitment to delivering smarter connectivity and better choice to Canadian businesses and individuals

TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 – Primus formally unveiled its new corporate brand today to reflect the positive change and renewal that has recently occurred within the company.

“Our new brand identity and website are a reflection of our commitment to innovation and change without forgetting what got us here. We are proud of our 20-year history as a trusted national communications provider and we are even more proud to provide a smarter connectivity choice for Canadians,” said Brad Fisher, General Manager, Primus.

“We are very excited about the path forward where we will continue to grow our small business and residential market share, increase the breadth of our offerings as part of the Birch Communications family, and benefit from a favourable regulatory environment that gives Canadians greater choice of Internet service providers,” said Mr. Fisher.

Delivering smarter connectivity to small and medium-sized businesses across Canada
Primus will continue to tailor its services for the needs of the Canadian small business market where it can deliver exceptional connectivity without compromise on functionality, reliability, service or price. Primus is committed to providing small and medium-sized Canadian companies with affordable access to speed, quality of service, and scalability to allow them to more effectively compete and succeed regionally, nationally and globally.

“We see a tremendous market opportunity among Canadian small and medium-size businesses – too many of our larger competitors are focused on servicing large companies without considering the distinct and important needs of the thousands of small businesses driving Canadian economic growth,” explained Mr. Fisher.

Promoting more choice and offering innovative services to residential customers
Primus was the first telecommunications service provider to launch VoIP phone services in Canada. Today, Primus remains committed to expanding its footprint and delivering award winning, flexible and innovative phone and VoIP-based services to as many Canadians as possible.

Primus is also the only Canadian carrier that is able to protect its customers from unwanted telemarketing and robocalls. Offered as part of its Home Phone service, Primus uses patented Telemarketing Guard technology to give each customer the final say over who they speak with. In doing so, it has proven itself to be the leading platform to empower consumers against frustrating—and often criminal—mass calls. In fact, Primus has intercepted and treated over 80 million calls since launching this service.

In 2015, Primus joined forces with PREVNet, the country’s leading authority on bullying prevention, to develop and launch an e-learning program designed for Canadian parents and adults to use with children and youth. With the goal of reducing the incidence of cyberbullying across the country, and a commitment to keeping Canadian families safe online, the Primus program was the first interactive resource of its kind.

“The residential customer base is transforming and seeking more convenient home phone options and higher Internet speeds. We will meet these needs by providing the best broadband service in the country, better choice for home phone options, competitive long distance pricing, and innovations - such as Telemarketing Guard - that no other carrier is willing or able to create for Canadians,” said Mr. Fisher.

Strengthening Primus’ offering with Birch Communications
In 2016, Primus became part of Birch Communications. As a Birch company, Primus now delivers a better experience by offering more choice for Canadians through broader access across North America, dedicated service, everyday value, and next generation solutions.

“We are already benefiting from the scale that comes from being part of a larger North American company. We look forward to the coming year where we will have more to talk about as we invest, innovate, and offer ever more compelling solutions to our customers across Canada,” said Mr. Fisher.

Leveraging Canada’s pro-consumer regulatory environment
In July 2015 the CRTC released a balanced regulatory policy that upheld long-standing rules for essential network utilities, confirming that Canada’s largest telecommunications and cable providers must sell wholesale access to their fibre-to-the-home wires at profitable rates.

The CRTC’s rules will allow ISPs to deliver competitive choice, price-discipline, high-quality products and new, innovative services over next-generation fibre networks.

“Primus is very supportive of the federal government for supporting a CRTC decision that will ensure Canadians have access to affordable ultra-high speed broadband from their Internet service provider of choice, while allowing Primus to grow and invest millions in its own national network and cloud based services,” said Mr. Fisher.

“Our commitment to customers has always driven our success and we will continue to meet the needs of Canadian small business and residential customers where we deliver exceptional connectivity without compromise on functionality, reliability, service or price,” concluded Mr. Fisher.

About Primus
Primus is a trusted national communications provider, offering a smarter connectivity choice for Canadian consumers, businesses and wholesale customers. As Canada’s most experienced digital phone service (VoIP) provider, Primus delivers leading-edge Internet and network services, award winning voice services, and cloud-based phone systems (Hosted PBX), all backed by exceptional customer service. For further information, visit primus.ca.

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