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Hosted PBX

Serve customers better, while supporting all of your employees with a phone system that's easy to use, incredibly advanced and more affordable than traditional solutions. Employees can access of all their phone system capabilities from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Plus, Primus manages the data access, ensuring superior quality of voice.

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Hosted PBX

Benefits of Hosted PBX for your Business

  • Support a Mobile Workforce
  • Invest in a Scalable Solution
  • Flexible Management of your Service
  • Enriched Customer Experience
  • Increases Productivity
  • Manage Cash Flow & Expenses

Today's employees are more mobile and distributed than ever. With a Hosted PBX from Primus, employees can stay connected to clients, the office and each other no matter where they're located, or what device they're using. Voicemail messages can be routed to your email, and you can listen to them on any device. Also, whether you make calls from your home office, mobile phone or desktop, your business caller ID appears, ensuring a consistent, seamless and professional experience.

Primus Hosted PBX is an enterprise-grade phone system that uses cloud-based technology. It will grow with your business, letting you easily add users or locations at any time. Whether you are a small business of five or 500 employees with offices across Canada – Primus will keep you connected.

Call routing, and changes to call features can be made at any time from the convenience of the online admin portal. Did you leave for vacation, and forget to notify clients about holiday hours, or to have calls route to your mobile phone? With a Hosted Phone System, you can login to your online portal from any device with an Internet connection and easily make these changes

A Hosted Phone System from Primus allows you to route and treat callers around the way you do business.
* Provide employees with one number that works across all devices
* Route calls efficiently across office phones, smartphones, tablets, and even computers
* Make sure every call gets answered no matter where you are

Employees can access the phone system from any Internet connection as if they were in the office. Call routing and treatments are designed around the way you do business. Route calls to any extension or mobile device.

With a Hosted Phone System, there’s no large upfront investment in an office phone system. There are no expensive maintenance costs or separate phone sytem vendors. You can expand and grow at a lower cost per employee (per seat) as needed.

Hardware Options for Hosted PBX

  • Polycom SoundStation® IP 7000 - IP Conference Phone

  • Polycom SoundStation® IP 5000 - IP Conference Phone

  • Polycom VVX601

  • Polycom VVX501

  • Polycom VVX401/411

  • Polycom VVX301/311

  • Panasonic TGP600 Series

Polycom SoundStation® IP 7000 - IP Conference Phone

The world's most advanced IP conference room phone that gives you startlingly life-like sound.

Ideal For:
* Large conference rooms and boardrooms

* High-fidelity calls at up to 22 kHz – an industry first
* Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ Technology
* 20-foot (7-metre) microphone pickup range, and even greater distances with optional expansion microphones or multi-unit connectivity
* Resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices
* Large high-resolution display

Polycom SoundStation® IP 5000 - IP Conference Phone

An advanced IP conference room phone designed for small conference rooms and executive offices.

Ideal For:
* Small to Medium conference rooms
* Executive offices

* Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ Technology
* 7-foot microphone pickup designed for rooms with 6 participants
* The most feature-rich family of IP conference phones available, with advanced call handing and security
* High-resolution display enables robust call status and on-board configurability
* Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation
* Resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices

Polycom VVX601

The Polycom® VVX® 601 executive business media phone delivers a rich voice and video communications experience for busy corporate executives and managers.

Ideal For:
* Executives & Assistants
* Business Owners & Busy Professionals

* 16 lines
* Polycom® HD Voice™ up to 14KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)
* 4.3” Colour Touch-screeen with 480x272 resolution
* Full duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Clarity Technology
* 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
* Bluetooth Support

Polycom VVX501

The Polycom® VVX® 501 is a performance business media phone that delivers best-in-class communications for busy professionals.

Ideal For:
* Call Centre & Receptionists
* Managers & Executives

* 12 lines
* Polycom® HD Voice™ up to 14KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)
* 3.5” Colour Touch-screen with 320x240 resolution
* Full duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Clarity Technology
* 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports

Polycom VVX401/411

The Polycom® VVX® 400 series are color mid-range business phones designed for today’s office workers and attendant consoles delivering crystal clear communications.

Ideal For:
* Call Centre & Cubicle Workers
* Office Desks & Managers

* 12 lines
* Polycom® HD Voice™ up to 7KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)
* 3.5” Colour TFT display with 320x240 resolution
* Full duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Clarity Technology
* 2x Ethernet Ports - 10/100 (VVX401) or 10/100/1000 (VVX411)

Polycom VVX301/311

The Polycom® VVX® 300 series delivers a powerful entry-level phone for today’s handling a low to moderate volume of calls while delivering crystal clear communications.

Ideal For:
* Employee & Cubicle Workers
* Common Areas & Courtesy Phones

* 6 Lines
* Polycom® HD Voice™ up to 7KHz on all audio paths (speaker, handset, headset)
* Backlit Greyscale LCD Display with 208x104 resolution
* Full duplex speakerphone with Acoustic Clarity Technology
* 2x Ethernet Ports - 10/100 (VVX301) or 10/100/1000 (VVX311)

Panasonic TGP600 Series

Simple and elegant, the IP cordless handsets and wireless desk phones are designed with businesses in mind, providing quick and easy expandability anywhere in the office without Ethernet cabling.

Ideal For:
* Small and home offices
* Retail environments
* Warehouses
* Working anywhere in the office

* Expandable to 8 cordless handsets or wireless desk phones– all you need is an electrical outlet
* Configure handsets as a companion or as its own extension
* DECT 6.0 technology with crystal-clear voice quality, resistant to Wi-Fi, cellular, and microwave interference
* Backlit colour LCD
* Hands-free speakerphone
* 2.5mm headset jack
* Expand wireless coverage with repeaters (additional purchase necessary)

Hosted PBX Features

Online Portal

With the Hosted Phone System online portal, users can easily manage calls & features from any device with an Internet connection. Administrators can manage their Hosted Phone System without the need to call another party to make configuration changes, move resources around, modify users settings, change reporting, auto attendant, hunt groups etc. However, Primus Canadian customer service is available 24/7/365 when needed.

Powerful Telephony

Keep customers happy and sales humming when calls go to the right person at the right time. With a flexible, Cloud-based phone system, you can communicate more profitably using dozens of advanced features like extension dialing, auto attendant, ring groups and more.

Auto Attendant

When you leverage this powerful tool for your own business, it provides instant branding and credibility, it makes your business appear larger and professional by routing calls more efficiently, and it replaces the need for a receptionist.

Mobile Integration

When combined with a virtual softphone, your Hosted Phone System transforms into a feature-rich, web-based phone, that can be used from a desktop, laptop or any mobile device. When making outbound calls using the softphone app on your mobile device, your outbound caller ID appears, making it appear as though you're in the office, and providing a professional appearance.

  • Online Portal
  • Powerful Telephony
  • Auto Attendant
  • Mobile Integration
See Full Features List


Primus Hosted PBX gives you access to over 50 advanced, customizable calling features and our 24/7 Advanced Hosted PBX Web Portal allowing you to manage and modify phone features as well as make any administrative account changes.

Key Features Include:

  • Online Portal
  • Auto Attendant
  • Never miss a call with Find Me, Follow Me
  • Mobile Integration
  • Optional Call Centre & Call Recording

With Over 50 Features, Primus Hosted PBX Can Be Customized For Your Business.

+ Account Level Features
+ End-User Features

Enhance Your Hosted PBX

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Primus’ Unified Communications offers a wide range of communications & collaboration tools that include phone communications, instant messaging & presence capabilities, and a virtual meeting room to conduct conferencing and collaboration sessions.

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Hosted Call Centre

Hosted Call Centre

Gain complete control over your customer experience your brand and how you drive productivity within your business.

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Hosted Call Recording

Hosted Call Recording

Have calls recorded and stored so that they are available to be retrieved when you need them to aid in compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality assurance.

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