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Primus Conferencing services are the fastest, easiest way to meet. They are ideal for on-demand meetings, managing projects, team meetings, brainstorming sessions or large-scale events.

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Benefits of Conferencing for your Business

  • High Quality Connection
  • Collaborate with Large Groups - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Pay for What You Use
  • Customized Setup

All you need is a phone. Simply dial the conferencing number to connect with everyone on the call.

Connect with up to 125 people at the same time, whether they are in Canada, the US, or another country. Conferencing is a great way to connect multiple people quickly, even on short notice. Manage projects, conduct team meetings, run brainstorming sessions and more.

With Primus conferencing, there are no fixed monthly fees or minimum usage fees. Simply pay for what you use.

Setup conferences any way you like. You can mute and unmute lines, lock the conference, setup security codes, or create subconferences. Setup any conference call to match how you run your meetings.

Conferencing Features

Toll-Free Dial-in Number

US/Canada toll-free number included with the service.

International Toll-Free Dial-in Number

Enable participants from around the world to access the conference call with international dial-in numbers from over 20 countries.

Record & Replay Calls

Download a recording of the conference. Or, let people listen to the recording over the phone, or online.

Scales up to 125 Participants

Don't worry about hitting a limit on how many people can connect to the conference call. Connect up to 125 people to the same conference.

  • Toll-Free Dial-in Number
  • International Toll-Free Dial-in Number
  • Record & Replay Calls
  • Scales up to 125 Participants


Starting from: $0 .06 per minute per participant.*

No setup fees, no minimum commitments, and no monthly fees - simply pay for what you use.
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