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Dedicated Internet

With growing bandwidth demands on business, having a Dedicated Internet connection ensures you're future-proofing your business. Plus, you'll never share your connection with other businesses. You get guaranteed service, and consistent symmetrical speeds 24 hours a day!

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Dedicated Internet

Benefits of Dedicated Internet for your Business

  • Consistent Speed
  • Reliable, Secure & Scalable Service Delivery
  • Equal Upload & Download Speed
  • Engineered to Handle Multiple Services

With Dedicated Internet, you don't share your connection. It's a guaranteed service, ensuring you get consistent speed 24/7/365.

A variety of factors can impact the speed your business gets when you have High Speed Internet -- from the technology used, the distance to the main telco site and the number of users in the area. However, Dedicated Internet causes no signal degradation over distances, and provides scalability should you need future speed upgrades.

Dedicated Internet is a symmetrical bandwidth connection that provides equal upload and download speeds, making it ideal for using VoIP, video or to have critical applications running efficiently. Uploading files will take seconds, without impacting your download speeds.

Dedicated Internet can do more than just connect your business to the Internet. It can give your business the flexibility to scale to a Managed Network Solution -- such as IPVPN --allowing you to run multiple services such as voice, video, data and internet on a single connection (and one monthly bill).

Dedicated Internet Features

Flexibility with Multiple Transport Technologies

Dedicated Internet from Primus provides high performance in various bandwidth levels – committed fixed speed or burstable – to meet current and future business needs. The service is available over multiple transport technologies (i.e. Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, T1) to provide symmetrical, high speed connectivity for your business and it's delivered based on service availability, business needs and budget.

Scalable Bandwidth & Geographic Reach

Dedicated Internet from Primus is scalable from 1Mbps to over 10Gbps, allowing you to evolve your network as your business needs change, and with national availability of the service, you'll ensure that your business maintains its network wherever you choose to operate.

Reliable High Performance for Continued Productivity

Having a high performance connection ensures applications such as VoIP, cloud-based applications, CRM, Unified Communications, Video Collaboration, and business communication are delivered at optimal levels. Redundant solutions are available over multiple transport technologies offering business continuity and peace of mind for your mission critical applications while supporting business continuity.

Enhanced Network Management & Visibility

Gain access to 24/7 performance monitoring through an online portal, receive proactive monitoring and alerts from a dedicated support team, access online billing, and more. Primus’ online ticketing system, allows you to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot via web, phone or email. All of this is backed by an industry leading SLA to support your business network needs.

  • Flexibility with Multiple Transport Technologies
  • Scalable Bandwidth & Geographic Reach
  • Reliable High Performance for Continued Productivity
  • Enhanced Network Management & Visibility

Pairs well with Primus Hosted PBX

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