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Hosted Call Centre

Have complete control over your customer experience, your brand and how you drive productivity within your business.

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Hosted Call Centre

Benefits of Hosted Call Centre for your Business

  • Reduces Operational Cost
  • Grows with Your Needs
  • Boosts Office Productivity
  • Redundancy to Protect Your Business

With Hosted Call Centre there are no costly phone systems, hardware or software to purchase. We supply, implement and manage the entire system allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Hosted Call Centre is delivered over a simple-to-use web interface. This means you can have agents in any office, working from home or even on the road. You can scale up to meet changing needs by quickly adding more agents, supervisors or queues to a single Call Centre for ease of management.

Primus Hosted Call Centre is the ultimate tool for your business to increase productivity. Monitor and manage all calls through the supervisor dashboard to view individual agent performance. Enhanced reporting allows you to identify peak times and staff accordingly.

Keep your call centre accessible over our geo-redundant network. Ensure business continuity even if there's a fire, flood, theft or other disaster.

Hosted Call Centre Features

Online Agent & Supervisor Applications

Allows agents and supervisors to access the Call Centre from anywhere they have Internet access, enabling a distributed workforce and support for remote agents.

Customized Customer Experience

Configure announcements and greetings and music on hold settings to enhance brand image and customer experience.


Supervisor dashboard gives real-time insight into queue and agent activity. Ad-hoc and scheduled reports can be generated to provide historical data and trends, allowing them to monitor and improve performance.

Online Admin Portal

Administrators can configure and modify agent & supervisor settings, ensuring that staff are associated to proper queues and supervisors. Changes can be made in real time to allow you to meet changing needs of your business.

  • Online Agent & Supervisor Applications
  • Customized Customer Experience
  • Reporting
  • Online Admin Portal
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Primus Hosted Call Centre Features (Note that Feature Support varies depending on Call Centre License type - Please contact Primus to review your Call Centre requirements)

  • Call Centre Agent & Supervisor Browser-based Thin-Client
  • Entrance Announcement
  • Wait Time and Location in Queue Announcement
  • Queue on Hold Music with Periodic Comfort Greeting
  • Customizable Announcements, Greetings and Music Options
  • Escape from Queue
  • Assign Agents to Supervisors and Queues
  • Assign Supervisors to Queues
  • Queue Priority
  • Multiple Call Distribution Policy Options
  • Overflow, Bounced and Stranded Call Routing Policies
  • Holiday and Night Service options
  • Ability for Agents to make outbound calls with the Queue Caller ID
  • Multiple ACD States and Unavailability Codes
  • Disposition Codes
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Agent Whisper
  • Call Escalation to Supervisor
  • Remote Office Support
  • Real-Time Supervisor Dashboard
  • Agent and Queue Reporting
  • Silent Monitoring
  • Supervisor Agent Management and Monitoring

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I am also interested in receiving promotional offers, new product information, and tips about my existing services.
or call 1-888-411-6073