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Digital Home Phone

Getting Started

Home Wiring Guide

The information below will assist you in connecting your Primus Digital Home Phone service into your existing telephone wiring. Please note these are guidelines only. Primus cannot guarantee this will work on existing home wiring in all households. You may need to contact a contractor to assist you with your inside wiring.

Click here to access the Home Wiring Guide

Home Wiring Guide FAQs

I do not currently have local telephone service, but I do have telephone wiring and jacks in my house. Can I plug the Digital Home Phone adapter into one of my wall jacks and power all of my telephones in the house?

This configuration MIGHT work, depending upon:

  • The telephones you use. Older telephones put more load on the line. We suggest you use new telephones for best results.
  • The number of telephones you plug in. Each telephone added increases the load on the telephone line.
  • The quality and length of the telephone wiring inside your house.

*If you currently have an active service through your home phone lines, you will NOT be able to configure any of the jacks in your house to work over Digital Home Phone.

I currently have local telephone service. Can I plug the Digital Home Phone adapter into a wall jack in my house and use it at the same time as my local telephone service?

No. You risk damaging the Digital Home Phone adapter if you attempt this.

Can I plug my home alarm system into my Digital Home Phone adapter?

Primus is concerned about your home safety and therefore does not support this configuration. Some home alarm systems need a real telephone line to be able to report emergencies to your alarm company. Other systems might work with Digital Home Phone; however remember that if you connect your home alarm system to Digital Home Phone, you are relying upon your broadband (DSL or cable modem) connection to be functioning correctly in the case of an emergency. Also remember that your broadband connection (and therefore Digital Home Phone) will not work in the case of a power outage. Primus encourages you to make wise choices when it comes to your home safety. For more information please contact your security alarm company.

I have an apartment intercom system connected to my phone. I only have one phone in the apartment. What happens when I plug my phone into the Digital Home Phone adapter? Will my intercom system continue to work?

No, the intercom system will not continue to work. In this situation, Primus suggests having separate telephones for your Digital Home Phone and your intercom system.

Can I use my internal home wiring to get Digital Home Phone in the different rooms?

If you have Cable High Speed Internet connection, this may well be possible. Click here to access the Home Wiring Guide