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5 Biggest Reasons to Cut the Cord This Year

Everybody’s doing it, but that alone isn’t a great reason to cut the cord this year. But why did 388,000 households say goodbye to cable TV last year and choose streaming instead?


The average Canadian household is spending about $65 on TV every month. That’s an average though, so keep in mind that for every household on a $25 skinny basic package there’s a family spending $100+ on far more channels than they can handle. TV is expensive. If you’re paying for unlimited Internet on top of that, why not just stream content over the Internet and get rid of your TV bill? 

No More Commercials 

A recent study found that kids in Netflix-only homes are saved from 230 hours of commercials per year. And there’s a bit of evidence to suggest that commercials aren’t great for kids. But worry aside, it’s no doubt true that no commercials means you spend more time watching what you want to watch. There’s only so many hours in a day, so why would you want to spend close to a third of your time watching ads on TV? 

Most News Is Online

And by ‘most news is online’, we aren’t just talking about newspapers and magazines, although that’s true. We’re also talking about video news. Major national and cable news outfits like CBC, CTV, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and more post their clips online and you can stream them to your TV. Many of these providers also stream their daily flagship programs live. For example, you can watch the National every day at 9 o’clock over YouTube. Cordcutters have no trouble streaming the news

You Can Still Get Over-the-Air TV

Most people are so used to their cable boxes that they don’t consider over-the-air TV. So long as you’re not in a rural location, you probably can get a few over-the-air TV channels. If you have an HD antenna, they’re free. You may get channels like CTV, CBC, Omni, and more. Check out our guide on HD antennas to find out if installing one is right for you. 

Fast Internet Makes Streaming Easy 

Once upon a time when fast Internet meant that you paid through the nose for 3.0 Mbps and might only be allowed 100GB of data per month, streaming didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But now it’s common for urban dwellers to get 25 Mbps or more, with unlimited data every month. That kind of speed makes it easy to stream high definition TV, and that kind of data means that you can binge as much TV as you want. 

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to cut the cord? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you cut the cord. If you’re on the fence, you can consider cord shaving instead of cord cutting. And  if you’re finally ready to cut the cord, here’s how.