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Getting Started

Primus Email Setup - Windows 10 Mail

Before you start:
Please ensure that you have the following:

  • Your Primus email address
  • Your Primus email password
  • A computer with Windows 10 installed
  • Functional Internet access
    • Please note that if attempting to use these instructions when connecting to the internet via another Internet Service Provider may not work.
    • We recommend using the Primus Webmail access when connected to the Internet via another Internet Service Provider.


  1. Open Mail
  2. Click on "Settings" ( Image of Gear Icon )
  3. On the "Choose an account" window, scroll down and select "Advanced setup".
    Advanced Setup screenshot
  4. Select "Internet email".
    Internet Email screenshot
  5. Enter the information as follows:

    Incoming email server: imap.primus.ca
    Account type: IMAP4
    User name: <<Your full Primus email address>>
    Password: <<Your account password>>
    Outgoing (SMTP) email server: smtp.primus.ca
    Account settings screenshot
  6. All settings should now be complete. Please click on "Sign-in" to complete your mailbox setup.

Create a new E-mail with e-Care

Primus' e-Care portal allows registered users to create additional primus.ca email addresses. Please see the instructions below for assistance registering for e-Care access as well as how to create an e-mail address.


  1. Access the Primus e-Care page
  2. Locate and click on "Register >" on the right side.
    Register page screenshot
  3. Review the Terms and Conditions. You must click on "I ACCEPT" to proceed with registration.
    Terms and Conditions screenshot
  4. Enter your account number and postal code in the fields below and click on "continue".
  5. Enter the information in the spaces provided:

    User ID: <<A unique username.>>
    E-mail: <<An existing email account, not the one you want to create.>>

    ** Ensure that all of the Required Fields are populated with valid information
  6. Review the account information. You may add other accounts (if you have any) at this point. Click "Continue"
  7. e-Care registration is now complete. Click on "e-Care Main Menu".

Creating A New Email Address

  1. Click on "Manage eMail"
  2. Click on "Add E-mail Address".
  3. Enter the information in the spaces provided:
    • E-mail address (the one that you want to create)
    • Password
    • Confirm password (to ensure that the correct password has been entered)
    Click "Continue".
  4. Your account has now been created. It can be accessed via webmail at http://webmail.primus.ca or you can configure it with an e-mail client.
    • If you obtain "login failed" as an error on webmail:
      • Send an e-mail to your new created account, this may be required to initialize the mailbox

Webmail Access Links

Primus currently has multiple e-mail platforms which we use to provide e-mail access. The page that you can use to access Primus Webmail is dependent on your e-mail address, which determines which platform you are on.

You can generally tell which e-mail platform your e-mail address is on by looking up the realm (the part after the “@” symbol) in the list below. For example if your e-mail address is john.doe@primus.ca, primus.ca would be the realm.

RealmWebmail Link

Note: For customers with a @magma.ca e-mail, you may be on either the Primus platform or the Magma platform. If you receive an error while logging into the Magma webmail link, please try the Primus one instead.

How to use Webmail

This document covers the basics of how to use the High Speed interface style for Primus' Webmail service. Please note that at the present time this interface is not compatible with browsers using the WebKit rendering engine (Google Chrome & Apple Safari).

A guide on "How to use Webmail" can be found here

Primus Webmail Address Book: Importing & Exporting (OLD)

Primus' Webmail application supports Importing and Exporting csv formatted address books.

Please consult your application's help section or search for assistance on the internet if you experience problems with your mail-client or address book.

The step-by-step instructions herein have been checked against current popular browsers, there are other methods to perform many of the same tasks; however these instructions will work regardless of the browser in use.

Exporting your webmail address book
Please note that at present this function is only available via webmail's "High-Speed" interface

  1. Log in to Primus Webmail
  2. Access the Address Book
  3. Click on the Export icon
  4. Download and save the file

Importing a CSV address book
Available via the Low-Speed and High-Speed webmail interfaces

  1. Export your address book to a CSV file and save it somewhere on your computer.
  2. Log in to Primus Webmail
  3. Access the Address Book
    • High-Speed: Click on the Address Book Button
    • Low-Speed & Ajax: Click the Addresses link
  4. Launch the import function
    • High-Speed: Click the Import Button
    • Low-Speed & Ajax: Click Import
  5. Click Browse... or Choose File. Locate and select the CSV you wish to import. Click Import

    Note: First Row contains CSV description should generally be checked, but will ultimately depend on how your application has exported the CSV file.

    • High-Speed:
    • Low Speed & Ajax:
  6. Select the value from the drop-down that best matches the field name for the same line

    Note: Fields with "--Select" indicates that the application was not able to find a matching value. This may be due to missing information in your CSV. You can disregard these errors as longs as the Email Address is synchronized

  7. Click Import when the appropriate options have been selected. If successful you will be notified of the number of new contacts, then be directed to your newly updated Address book.

Import Address Book from Mail to Webmail (most Recent)

Note: All browsers except for older versions of IE will ONLY have option for Low speed (dialup). So screenshots below are for this option only. Please note in low speed you can only IMPORT contacts. You cannot export.

  1. Log in to Primus Webmail.
  2. Click on “Addresses”.
  3. Click “Import”.
  4. Click on “Choose File”. Locate and select the CSV you wish to import.
  5. Click “Import File”.
  6. Here you can make modifications on which fields to import. Default will import all fields.
  7. When done scroll to bottom and click “Import Entries”.
  8. You should get a message like below with all contacts that were successfully imported. Verify these matches.