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The Best Niche Streaming Services

So, you’ve decided on a streaming device and have picked a major streaming service or two. But what if you want content that’s a little harder to find? Well, no matter what you’re into, whether it’s French New Wave, anime, or concert footage, there’s a streaming service that has what you want. 

The Criterion Channel 

Devoted film buffs no doubt have a pile of Criterion Collection films in their personal libraries. Now, thanks to the Criterion Channel, it’s easier than ever before to enjoy cinematic classics like Seven SamuraiThe Battle of Algiers, and Gates of Heaven


Kanopy is pretty cool in that it’s brought to you by the Toronto Public Library. Users are limited to viewing eight titles per month, but it’s free. So you won’t be binging anything on Kanopy, but it makes a nice little addition to your streaming habits. Expect to find the types of films that do the festival circuit or win big at awards shows, like Call Me By Your NameChevalier, and Boy

Club Illico 

Club Illico offers French language TV and films, including plenty of made-in-Quebec content and original series, such as Blue MoonLes Honorables, and Léo.


Crunchyroll is a streaming service devoted to all things anime. If your family is into My Hero AcademiaNaruto, or Cowboy Bebop, then Crunchyroll has what you need and much more. They also offer manga, so if you have a teen who devours the stuff and don’t want sixteen bookshelves full of it, Crunchyroll offers good value. 


Britbox is devoted to all TV that is British. It has comedies like Blackadder, historical dramas like Sharpe, documentaries like The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, panel shows like QI, soap operas like Emmerdale, and so, so much classic Doctor Who. Whether you’re a homesick Brit or just a fan of their TV, Britbox has much on offer. 

Sundance Now

Ever wanted to attend the Sundance Film Festival? Well, Sundance Now is essentially an expanded version of that. It has plenty of critically acclaimed films like Beasts of the Southern WildsThe Reader, and The Invisible War. They also have a surprising number of exclusive (and under the radar) series, like The SplitMcMafia, and Leverage


Qello is a streaming service devoted to concerts, both live and classic. Missed out on the time Queen played Montreal? You can catch up by watching the show on Qello. They have other great stuff like Eric Clapton playing Unplugged, the Farm Aid show from 2003, and Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival. 

The Bottom Line

The average Canadian cord cutter spends less money on streaming than others spend on their monthly cable bill, even taking into account multiple streaming packages. If you want to learn more about how to cut the cord, check out our definitive guide to cord cutting for Canadians.