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9 More Hidden iPhone Features

There’s lot going on in your iPhone. If all the options seem overwhelming, we’re here to help.

Spotlight Conversions

Need to quickly convert $20 Canadian to US or figure out how many teaspoons in a table spoon? Open up Spotlight (swipe down from the top of your screen) and start typing in your Spotlight search bar. It’ll instantly perform your conversion.

Set Apps to WiFi Only

You have dozens of apps but a limited amount of data, so why let every app have access to your mobile data allowance? Go to Settings, then Cellular. From there, you can scroll down to a menu that reads Use Cellular Data For, followed by a list of all your data-enabled apps with switches. You can toggle each switch; green means the app can use your data, white means it’ll only connect to the internet when you’re on WiFi.

Find a Phone’s Owner

Have you found a lost iPhone at your house after a party? Even if you can’t get it unlocked, simply ask the phone “Siri, who’s phone is this?” or “Siri, who owns this phone?” and Siri will give you the owner’s name and a way to get into contact with them.

Save a Draft With a Swipe

If you’re in the Mail app and want to save a draft quickly, all you need to do is tap on the subject line and swipe down. Boom, draft saved.

Switch Apps Easily

Do you have dozens of apps running at once? Would you prefer to navigate between them without going back to your home screen every time? Press your home button twice, and you’ll open up your app switcher. You can file through all your open apps by swiping right and left.

Close Apps Easily

From your app switcher, it’s easy to close apps. Simply swipe up on an app. If you have lots open, you can close multiple apps at once with two and three finger swipes.


If you want to redial the last number you called, you just need to press the green call button on the keypad screen to make the last number you dialled appear.

Lock Your Camera’s Focal Point

When your camera is open, you can tap your screen to set a “focal point”, which is the point your camera is focusing on. For example, if you’re taking a picture a fancy slice of cheesecake, you can tap on the cake (on your screen) and your phone will put the cake into focus instead of the rest of the stuff in your picture. However, if you move your phone, maybe to get a different angle, your focal point will disappear. Then your cake might not be in focus anymore. If you don’t want that to happen, instead of tapping your should press the screen for a second or two until “AF Locked” pops up. Once AF Locked is activated, you can shift your phone around and rest assured that the thing you want to stay in focus remains in focus.

Custom Vibrations

You know that you can make custom ringtones, but did you also know you can set custom vibrations? Go to Contacts, then select the person for whom you want to set a custom vibration. Then hit Edit, then Ringtone, and you’ll see an option for Vibration. At the bottom of the Vibration menu there’s a Create New Vibration option, where you can have fun creating a custom vibration pattern.