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8 Best Educational Apps for Young Children

If your kids are going to get screen time, they may as well learn something in the process, right? Here are eight inexpensive apps that’ll teach your younger kids counting, math, their ABCs, and more.

Math on the Farm

The app: Math on the Farm.
Platform: iOS & iPad.
Cost: $4.

Featuring puzzles and math problems based on stories, you tell the app what categories it should teach (from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions) and let your kid take it the rest of the way.

Zoo Alphabet for Kids

The app: Zoo Alphabet for Kids.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: Free.

After your kids read through the 26 interactive flashcards, they can play educational games like matching the right letter to the right animal, spelling the animal’s name, and putting together puzzles.

A Parcel of Courage

App: A Parcel of Courage.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: Free.

A Parcel of Courage is an interactive digital storybook, but it’s a bit more too. It features four unique learning games that focus on learning logic, enhancing spatial cognition, building photographic memory, and more.

Little Things Forever

The app: Little Things Forever.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: $4 on iOS & iPad, free on Android.

Little Things Forever is sort of like an I Spy book for the modern age. It features eleven puzzles that are collages composed of thousands of little things. Kids (and the rest of the family) can have fun (and learn to focus) finding specific little things. The app generates a new list of things to find every time you play, so there’s lots of replay value.

Fish School HD

The app: Fish School HD.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: Free.

What can fish teach kids? A lot, apparently, as this app has eight different game modes: letters, numbers, shapes, the alphabet song, colours, differences, matching, and free play.

ABC Ninja

The app: ABC Ninja.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: $1.39.

If your kid likes Fruit Ninja, they’ll be into this game too. It’s nearly the same thing, just with letters instead of fruit. And if we’re being honest, slicing flying letters sounds like a more fun way to learn ABCs when compared to boring ol’ flashcards.

Phonics Genius

The app: Phonics Genius.
Platform: iOS, iPad, & Android.
Cost: Free.

This app is massive. It features over 6,000 professionally recorded words grouped into 225 categories. It’s also as easy or as complex as you want, with customisable word lists, game modes, font size/colour/spelling, and much more.

Kids Numbers and Math

The app: Kids Numbers and Math.
Platform: Android.
Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases.

Kids Numbers and Math is a simple but fun way for kids to learn counting, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, and number matching.