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7 Best Cooking Apps

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a seasoned professional, there’s a number of  cooking apps out there that can help you. From how-to guides to calculating serving adjustments to picking the right produce, there’s a cooking app for everyone. 


The app: Yummly.
Platform: iOS, Android, Windows.
Cost: free.

There are so many great cooking blogs and sites out there, and Yummly makes them all accessible through one easy portal. It aggregates over a million recipes from different sites and food blogs, all on one interface, which also lets you sort and categorise recipes as you see fit.

Kitchen Stories

The app: Kitchen Stories.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: free (with in-app purchases).

Ever wish that recipes would come with little video tutorials and a lot of step-by-step pictures? That’s basically the idea behind Kitchen Stories, the main point of which is to make your food look good and, dare we say, worthy of Pinterest. Of course, if you like visual cues while you’re making something, Kitchen Stories is a big help there too.

How to Cook Everything

The app: How to Cook Everything.
Platform: iOS & Windows.
Cost: $13.99

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman’s app is more than a recipe repository, although there are 2,000 on here. The real value is in the 400 basic how-to guides, so if you’re truly a beginner and need a bit more explanation than most recipes give you, this app is for you.


The app: SideChef.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: free.

SideChef is all about step-by-step instructions with pictures, videos, voice commands, and timers. That’s right, in addition to the recipe and easy instructions, you can get an idea of what your dish is supposed to look like at every stage. Another cool—and very handy—feature is that you can adjust the serving size of your recipes on the app and it’ll adjust the ingredients automatically.


The app: Epicurious.
Platform: iOS
Cost: free.

If you cook, you’re probably very familiar with the website Epicurious, home to 30,000 recipes, all tested and rated by other Epicurious users. Aside from putting its recipes into app-friendly format, the Epicurious app can help you organise your shopping lists and also offers voice commands that let you jump to the next screen for when you’re cooking and don’t want to touch your device.


The app: Substitutions.
Platform: iOS.
Cost: $2.79.

Can’t find curry leaves and need to know what you can use instead? Or are cooking for someone on a low-sodium diet? Or maybe you’re trying to go gluten-free? If you need ingredient substitutions, then this is the app for you.

Perfect Produce

The app: Perfect Produce.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: free.

Not only is Perfect Produce a glossary of fruits and vegetables with helpful images, it also tells you how to judge ripeness, what kind of seasonality you can expect, how you should store things, and how to cook with your now expertly picked-out produce.

The Bottom Line

Whether your goal is to get better at cooking, try more adventurous foods, or just have a little help creating a shopping list, there’s definitely an app that can help.