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7 Best Apps for Better Driving

Apps can’t make gas cheaper or make traffic go away, but they can do the next best thing: tell you where the cheapest gas is or help you avoid the worst traffic. If that appeals to you, we think these apps are worth checking out.


The app: aCar.
Platform: Android.
Cost: Free.

Maintaining a car is no small job. You need to keep track of maintenance, fuel economy, expenses, service notices, and more. Fortunately, aCar is an app that does all that, all with a user-friendly UI. It’s basically a one-stop shop for keeping track of everything about your car.


The app: Waze.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Waze alerts you to road closures, construction, traffic jams, and more. Doesn’t Google Maps do that, you ask? Waze is a better version of Google Maps. When you join Waze you share data with hundreds of other drivers on the road who give each other a collective heads up including commentary about traffic conditions.


The app: CoPilot.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: $28.

If you like taking directions from map apps but don’t like using so much data, then consider getting CoPilot. It’s perfect for international travel or very rural areas where coverage is spotty. On the downside, the app costs some money, but the main attraction is that you can use it offline.

Geode Tech

The app: Geode Tech.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: $20/month.

Geode Tech offers what they call ‘Teen Driver Coaching’. Basically, you install the app on your teen’s smartphone, and the app will then let you monitor your teen’s driving. The app can send you an email if they accelerate above a pre-determined speed, or, if you want, you can set up a geo-fence so that you know if your teen is going where they say they’re going. The service is $20 a month, but they give you a free 30-day trial.


The app: iWrecked.
Platform: iOS.
Cost: Free.

Accidents happen, and when they do, it can be stressful but you need to gather as much information as possible. That’s where comes into play. It prompts you to record everything you need (location, vehicle info, plates, witness contact information, pictures, and more), then can bundle everything into a report you can email. From there, the app can get you in contact with emergency numbers or a towing service, if required.

Carrr Matey

The app: Carrr Matey.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Where’d you park? Don’t worry, Carrr Matey remembers. You use this app to log your parking spot, and later, once you’ve forgotten where exactly you parked, it’ll lead you back to your car. You can also attach a timer in case you need help remembering to feed the meter.

Gas Buddy

The app: GasBuddy.
Platform: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Where’s the cheapest place to fill up and how far is it? This helpful little app will let you know. Gas Buddy gives you a list of the cheapest spots and how far away they are, all updated regularly by other app users. You can also see what the average price in your area is (to see how much you’re saving, we guess) along with the general trend in prices.

The Bottom Line

Apps won’t ever substitute for good driving, but for everything else about owning a car—navigating traffic, tracking maintenance, or even documenting accidents, there’s an app that can help you out.