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6 Best Apps for University Students

No matter what subjects you’re taking at university, you’ll need to organise your schedule, handle documents, create bibliographies, study, and stay safe. That’s why we’re recommending these apps.

iStudiez Pro

The app: iStudiez Pro.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: $3.99

University students have a lot to keep track of: lectures, papers, labs, homework, and more. iStudiez Pro is more than up to the task. It has simple but well-integrated features that show your schedule, assignment overview, and planner. Aside from keeping academic work organised and offering regular notifications, iStudiez Pro will also keep track of your grades and help you project your GPA. Want to know how well you have to do on your final exam to pull a B+? iStudiez Pro projects that. It also syncs across devices through the cloud.

Scanner Pro 7

The app: Scanner Pro 7.
Platforms: iOS.
Cost: $5.49

If there’s one thing a college student never has a shortage of, it’s paper. Fortunately, Scanner Pro 7 can help you cut down on your paper and turn everything digital. It uses your phone’s camera to scan documents and turn them into PDFs. Aside from fast and easy scanning, it also offers text recognition, iCloud sync, and backup to services like Evernote, Dropbox, and more.


The app: EasyBib.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Generating a proper bibliography or list of citations is a major part of writing papers, and it can certainly get confusing between multiple styles and requirements. How do you cite a book with one author versus one with four authors? What about MLA versus APA? Fortunatly, EasyBib makes short work of all your citations. You imput the information and it gives you a proper citation. You can switch between styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) with easy. You can even scan book barcodes and scan websites for ultra-fast citations.


The app: StudyBlue.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: $19/month, $60/semester, $84/year.

If you’re the kind of student who really values flash cards when studying, then consider StudyBlue. With 400 million flashcards in their ever-growing library, they have more flashcards than you’ll know what to do with.


The app: Quizlet.
Platforms: iOS & Android
Cost: Free with in-app purchases.

Speaking of flashcards, Quizlet is another big name to check out. It also has millions of study sets (180 million, actually), although you can quite easily make your own too. Want to learn microbiology vocabulary? Civil War battles? Airport codes? There’s study sets for nearly everything. Of course, the app will track your progress, you’ll be able to see how well you’re doing.

Circle of 6

The app: Circle of 6.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Circle of 6 is a personal safety app that makes sure you stay connected to your close circle of friends. When you set up the app you add friends from your contacts to your circle. Then, if you’re uncomfortable in a situation, you can use the pin icon to tell your circle you need some help and it’ll send your location, you can use the phone icon to have someone in your circle call you for an interruption, and you can use the chat icon to tell your circle that you need to talk to someone.

The Bottom Line

University is full of challenges, academic and otherwise. That said, you might as well meet those challenges with everything at your disposal, apps included.