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5 Smart Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

A mother’s day gift should be something Mom wouldn’t get for herself, something that makes her life easier, and something better than what your siblings will get her so that you win Mother’s Day. We’re kidding about that last one. Here are a few ideas.

A Movie Subscription Service

Sinema has just launched in Canada, and they offer a service that’s kind of like “Netflix for movie theatres”. Basically, you pay a monthly subscription and get access to the theatre. For example, their Entertainment pack costs $12.99 and offers two movie tickets per month, which is about half of what you’d pay at the box office. The tickets work for 3D movies too. You can check the list of eligible theatres on their site. 

Fitness Trackers 

The number of things fitness trackers can do in 2018 is amazing. They can be waterproof, monitor heart rates, track sleep, track GPS, coordinate with apps, display notifications, and more. Most are slim, minimalist, and rubber, but lots take pains to look like something else. A few look like traditional watches, while others look like normal bracelets. This is a current list of the best out therethis list is good for people who want something that can do everything a smartwatch can do, and this list is good for people who want something affordable. Expect to pay between $50 and $200.

A Back-Up System (That You Set Up)

Maybe your mom isn’t so handy when it comes to computers but still wants a safe storage solution for all her stuff. It’s pretty easy to set up an external hard drive or a cloud back up service—or both. The nice thing about this gift option is that you kind of make something for mom by setting it up but still spend money on it so you don’t feel like you’re weaselling out of getting her a gift. Obviously there are lots of backup options out there, but you can get a pretty inexpensive 2TB hard drive from Amazonfor $90.

Tile Mate 

A Tile Mate is a little Bluetooth device (a tile, so to speak) that you can attach to keys, put in a purse, stick in a wallet, or on whatever thing your mom tends to misplace. You put your Tile Mate on the thing and that’s it. It needs no upgrades, lasts for a year, and its replacement is discounted. Say your mom puts her Tile Mate on her keys. When she needs to find her keys, she can check her Tile app, make her Tile ring, and then follow the ringing to her keys. But let’s say your mom has her keys but misplaces the phone. Well, she just needs to press the button on her tile twice and her phone will ring. One retails for $20, but they come in 4- and 8-packs. And they make other tiles for sports, style, and in slim versions. 

An OTT Device & Streaming Subscription 

If your mom hasn’t met Netflix, it’s time to introduce her. Get her an OTT device, an HD Antenna, and sign her up for a streaming service. If you need detailed instructions on how to cut the cord in Canada, read our guide here