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5 Great Password Managers

You probably have too many passwords to remember. A recent poll by Intel found that the average Internet user has 27 different passwords. Of course, the alternative is sharing passwords amongst your many online accounts, and that isn’t great either.

Enter the password manager. A password manager is a program that keeps track of all your accounts and passwords, entering and remembering them so you don’t have to. Here are some of the best. They all keep track of your passwords and accounts and they’re all highly rated by security professionals, but many offer lots of cool features. Note: they all cost money for the full versions, but some have free versions with pared down features.


The program: Dashlane.
Cost: USD $3.33/month.

Dashlane features unlimited password and data storage. It works across multiple devices (the free version only supports one), lets you backup your accounts, generates strong passwords for you, and supports two-factor authentication.

Password Boss

The program: Password Boss.
Cost: USD $29.99/year.

Password Boss will auto-fill online forms when you’re shopping online, will let you share access to accounts with whomever you trust, and will also store digital records of things like ID cards and your insurance. All that important plastic in your wallet? You can put it in Password Boss.


The program: LastPass Premium.
Cost: USD $2/month.

LastPass encrypts your passwords on your device, offering 1GB of encrypted data storage. It’s also very good for families, offering “sharing groups”. Basically, you can build a group of people (say, your family) and put certain accounts in said group, which easily allows you to share, say, your Netflix account amongst the whole family. They also have an emergency service that will reach out to your emergency contact if you can’t log in.


The program: LogmeOnce Ultimate.
Cost: USD $3.25/month.

LogmeOnce comes with plenty of features. Its anti-theft system lets you remotely wipe data if you know your device is stolen, remotely lock devices, make your phone ring at maximum volume, and track your device on a map. The password features are pretty cool too. In addition to standard passwords, it supports thumbprints and even a selfie password.


The program: StickyPassword.
Cost: USD $29.99/year.

StickyPassword will allow cloud sync across all your devices and even back them up to their servers, so that if you ever lose a device you can replace all your data. However, if you so chose, you can also set it up so that your devices synchronise only across your local WiFi; your encrypted data never has to be in someone else’s hands. Also, the company uses a portion of their profits to support manatees, so that’s pretty cool.