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5 More Hidden Android Features

There are many cool hidden features on your Android. We’ve written about some of these before, here and here. But more cool and interesting features keep getting added, so here are a few more. 

Check Your Notification Log

Did you accidently swipe away a notification that you’d actually like to read? No problem. You can check all your recent notifications. 

First, go to your app drawer and tap Widgets. This will show you all available widgets. Next, search for Settings Shortcut. Press and hold the Settings Shortcut and drag it to your home screen. It will now give you a list of shortcuts. Select Notification Log. Now, you have a new widget called Notification Log on your home screen. By tapping it, you can see all your old notifications. 

Control Your Battery Usage

Your Android apps no longer drain as much of your battery. Android optimizes how your apps use power. For example, your email app runs in the background and draws power, but because Android optimizes it, it checks email less frequently than it used to and therefore doesn’t draw as much power. 

However, maybe you’d like an app to run at full power. For example, you want your email app to be constantly checking because you can’t afford to miss anything. 

First, open Settings. Then tap Battery. Then tap the menu button at the top right. Then tap Battery Optimization. Now, you can select Not Optimized, then All Apps. From this list you can choose the app you’d like to run at full power and choose the Don’t Optimize option. 

Set Difference Volumes For Different Media

Your Android plays alarms, ring tones, and media. Normally they’re all played at the same volume, but if you want to customize these, you can. Go to Settings, tap Sounds, and then tap Volume. In this menu, you’ll get a number of different sliders that allow you to change different audio types individually. Want the loudest possible alarm but less intrusive ringtone? Now you can. 

There’s also a shortcut for setting individual volumes. First, use the physical volume buttons on your Android to adjust whatever’s currently playing. When you do so, a small box will pop up on your display that shows you what’s being adjusted. In the corner of that box there’s a small arrow. Tap it, and the display will show you volume sliders for each type of audio at once. 

Change Display Size

Maybe you want to cram more stuff onto your screen. Or maybe you want Android: The Large Print Edition. Either way, you can change the text in most apps. 

Open Android Settings. Then, tap Display. From the Display menu, go to Font. Once in Font, you’re presented with a slider that can increase or decrease your font size. 

Activate Find My Device

A lost phone is a nightmare you’d prefer to imagine instead of experience. That’s why you should set up Find My Device right away. 

First, open Settings. Then tap Security & Location. Then, tap Find My Device. Now your device can be found, provided it is turned on, signed into a Google account, and connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi. Just check android/find

Our advice? Do this now. You’re done reading this article, so you aren’t busy, right?