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4 Best File Sharing Apps

Whether you want to share pictures, videos, the kid’s homework, or whatever, these file sharing apps will make things easier.


The app: SuperBeam.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free; $2.79 for Pro version.

Let’s say you want to share a video file with a friend but there’s no Wi-Fi around and you don’t want to eat up your data. Well the cool thing about SuperBeam is you can share files with someone, no internet connection needed. By using Wi-Fi Direct (i.e., two or more devices connecting with their own WiFi, no router needed), you can share files with any other nearby device that also has the app. With the Pro version, you can also share files from your PC, preserve file hierarchies, and share with more than one device at the same time.


The app: WeTransfer.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free; $12US/month for Plus version.

Every month, one billion files get sent through WeTransfer. Why? Well, since WeTransfer lets you send up to 10GB of files at once, it’s great for large transfers. Have a few hundred baby pictures that need to make it to Grandma ASAP? WeTransfer won’t keep her waiting. You can send files or file batches to multiple people at once, and the files will be available to them for seven days. If you buy the Plus version, you can keep those files alive in transfer for as long as you like.


The app: AirDroid.
Platforms: Android.
Cost: Free; $1.99US/month for Premium.

Let’s say you don’t favour your phone over your PC and you don’t favour your PC over your phone. You lead a truly multi-screen life. AirDroid is great for bridging that gap. It lets you manage your phone from your PC, to the point where you can control your Android device with your mouse and keyboard. Of course, it also lets you transfer files directly from your Android device to your PC.


The app: Xender.
Platforms: iOS & Android.
Cost: Free.

Xender looks very simple but does a lot. When you open up Xender you can easily look at every file on your phone (including pictures, videos, apps, music, and more) and then share those files with any other phone or device. Sharing between iOS and Android? Or Windows and Mac? Not a problem. If the device you’re sharing with is nearby, you also don’t need to use your data. It’s faster than file drop or Bluetooth, so you won’t be needing them either.  

The Bottom Line

Sharing data between devices has become a major part of life. If you want to play someone a song, send them some pictures, lend them a book, or all kinds of other things, chances are you’re dealing with sending data digitally instead of handing them something tangible. So make it easy on yourself and get a file-sharing app now instead of worrying about it when you need to share something right away and fast.