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7 Best Hidden Features on Your iPhone

Your iPhone can do all kinds of cool things you might not know about. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Take a Picture Mid-Video

Ever think “that’s a perfect picture” when you’re in the middle of taking a video? We have good news for you. The camera button appears on screen when you’re taking a video. It’s white and appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, or bottom right if you’re holding your phone horizontally.

Create Custom iMessage Replies for When You Can’t Answer the Phone

When you get a call you can’t answer at the moment, swipe up on the phone icon (instead of sliding right to answer). You’ll get the option to text the caller with three pre-written varieties (“Sorry, I can't talk right now”, “I'm on my way”, and “Can I call you later?”). There’s another button that lets you write a custom text at the moment.

But maybe you want to pre-load a custom reply. Go to Settings, then Phone, then Respond with Text, and you can upload a new custom reply. 

Skip Calls With Remind Me Later

On the other hand, you can also get your iPhone to remind you to call someone back. The Remind Me button is above the phone icon when someone calls; it will offer reminders in an hour, when you leave your current location, or when you get home. Of course, you’ll have to have your GPS on and your home address up to date in your Contacts. 

Low Power Mode

If you know you’re going to be using your phone a long time before a recharge, or if you’re just economical in general, consider using low power mode. Go to Settings, then Battery, then Low Power Mode. Basically, low power mode turns off a few features, like push, hey Siri, background data sync, and some graphics. If you want to know more about saving your battery, check this.

Do Not Disturb Mode

It’s important to set boundaries between you and the world, and that’s what Do Not Disturb is for. Basically, it silences calls and alerts when they hit your phone. Go to Settings, then Do Not Disturb. From there, you can schedule time period that want to avoid calls and alerts. You can also set it to allow calls from certain numbers (say, from your kids or your best friend) and from calls repeated within three minutes. You can also turn Do Not Disturb on and off manually, from the same screen or from the Control Centre by swiping up.

Shake to Undo

Want to undo a whole lot of typing fast? Shake your phone. A dialogue will pop up asking if you really want to undo. Just make sure you hold onto your phone. 

Customise Your Auto-Correct

Maybe, when you’re texting your address to someone, you’d like to text ‘addy’ and have ‘123 Fake St, Winnipeg, Manitoba’ pop up instead. That’s the kind of thing you can do by customising Auto-Correct. Or you can have ‘omw’ be ‘On my way’, or ‘gtg’ be ‘Got to go’. 

Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, then Text Replacement. It’ll show you what text replacements you have currently set up. Hit the plus sign to add a new one and get creative.