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7 More Hidden iPhone Features

Your iPhone can do hundreds of useful things, but many aren’t so well known. In fact, we’ve written about some of those hidden features before, here and here. But more fun features keep getting added, so here are more cool hidden iPhone tricks. 

Use Camera Flash for Notifications 

Maybe you’d prefer visual notifications to auditory ones. Or you’re hard of hearing. Or you just like a lot of notification. Well, you can use your camera’s flash to light up when you get a notification. 

All you need to do is access Settings, then General, and then Accessibility. Find the option LED Flash for Alerts, and turn it on. Once it’s on, you’re given the option to have the flash be off when your phone is on silent mode. 

Make Photos Private

You don’t mind handing your phone over to friends when you’re showing off your latest album of your kids or your vacation, but you’d prefer if certain pictures remain private. All you have to do is select the picture (or pictures) you want to make private, select Share, and then Hide. Counterintuitive, we know. You’ll get a message that says the chosen images will be hidden in the Moments, Collections, and Years, but still visible in Albums. 

Teach Siri Nicknames

He’s William Jones in your contacts, but you’ve played hockey with him since junior high and to you, he’s Jonesy.If you tell Siri to call Jonesy enough she’ll figure it out, but you can speed up the process. In Contacts, open up a contact card, select Edit, select Add Field (towards the very bottom), and then you can pick Nickname from the list. From then on, you can tell Siri to call Jonesy and she’ll know what you mean. 

Use Undo in Calculator

Ever hit the wrong button while using your calculator app and gritted your teeth in frustration at having to restart your calculation all over? Well, good news: next time, you can just undo your last button press. Just swipe left or right at the top of the screen where the digits are. 

Access Extra Features in Calculator 

Need more than a basic calculator? More good news: your iPhone’s calculator can handle square roots, cosines, and more. Just turn it sideways. 

Stop Web Trackers

Some advertisers track your activity on multiple websites. If you want this to stop, open Settings, then select Safari, and from there you’ll find Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, which you can toggle on. While you’re there, you can also have Safari block pop-up ads. 

Fall Asleep to Music 

Like to play white noise or other gentle music while you’re dozing off? Your iPhone makes that easy for you. Simply open up your Clock app, select Timer, then choose the amount of time you want your music to play. Now, select When Timer Ends. You’ll see a list of all your tones that play at the end of a timer. However, you want to scroll all the way down, where you’ll find the Stop Playing option. Select that, then select Start. Now, any music (or podcast) you play will end after the time you specified.