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Cord Cutting & Seniors

Seniors are the least likely to cut the cord but watch the most TV out of any age group. 

Why? Maybe they aren’t as tech savvy as younger generations. Maybe they aren’t as aware of newer things like OTT content. Or maybe they’re just more comfortable with the cable bill they’ve always had. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The money saved from cord cutting can be very helpful to seniors on a fixed income, and streaming offers a lot of entertainment you can’t otherwise get from traditional TV packages. Here’s how you can help the seniors in your life take advantage of cord cutting. 

Review Their TV Usage, Cable Bill, and Internet Package

Say you’re helping your grandmother figure out this cord cutting stuff. First, review what TV she actually watches. Which channels? And how often? Next, figure out what she’s actually paying for. Lots of cable bills bundle in dozens if not hundreds of channels, so find out if Grandma is paying for stuff she isn’t using. Finally, review her Internet package. Find out what she’s paying and what kind of speeds she can expect. 

With this information, you first figure out if Grandma should cut her cable entirely or just cord shave, which is when you opt for a cheaper package

Next, you figure out if Grandma has fast enough Internet to justify streaming. If she gets more than 3 Mbps, she can stream standard definition. If she pulls in more than 5 Mbps, she can do high definition. Of course, if they use more than one TV or other screen at the same time, they’ll need more speed. 

Get an OTT Device

Next, get Grandma a simple to use OTT device. This could be a specialized device like a Roku or a Chromecast, but keep in mind that most modern TVs are smart TVs and are already set up for streaming. 

Get a Streaming Package

Amazon and Netflix packages are inexpensive, easy to set up, and you can teach Grandma to use them relatively easily. 

If Grandma is a little more tech savvy than most, you can get her using her TV to access the Internet. Then she can watch the National on YouTube. 

Cord Cutting Makes for Great Gifts

Maybe Grandpa and Grandma only really watch the hockey game on the TV but they’d never think of buying a dedicated streaming package. They’re not sure how it works and $179 looks like a lot of money up front. Well, here’s an idea: everybody in the family chips in and buys them a streaming package for special occasion. 

If the seniors in your life are hard to shop for, things like streaming devicesHD antennas, and streaming packages make for great gifts. These are things that lots of older people won’t buy for themselves but can give hundreds of hours of entertainment value. 

And for any broke but tech-savvy grandkids out there: doing a techie chore, like cleaning up Grandma’s behind-the-TV cables, earns a lot in the way of grandparent goodwill. 

One final note on gifts. Lots of classic TV like I Love Lucyand the Honeymooners are out on DVD or BluRay. Just a thought.