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9 Things That Shouldn’t Be Shared on Social Media

This is the age of oversharing, but some stuff just isn’t suitable for social media. Why? Some things, like vacation plans, shouldn’t be shared for security reasons. Others, like other people’s big news, have to do with etiquette. 

The point is: we can all do better examining what we share about ourselves on social media. And remember, if your life includes non-tech savvy people, like seniors, or tech savvy but socially inexperienced people, like teenagers, make sure to have these conversations. 

Vacation Plans

Nothing says, “Hey, take your time burgling my house” like posting detailed vacation plans. Don’t let the Internet know when you’ll be away. Save those vacation snaps for when you get home. 

Your Personal Location 

Don’t “check-in” or whatever on Facebook, don’t post geo-tagged images. The Internet doesn’t need to know when you’re away from home for the same reasons as above. 

Other People’s Big News

Maybe your sister is pregnant. Maybe your best friend just bought a house. Maybe your nephew just graduated. Well, you can look forward to congratulating them publicly on social media, but you shouldn’t share the news before they do. Don’t steal their thunder. 

Videos or Pictures of Friends Without Their Permission 

You may find the picture of your buddy falling in the lake hilarious. He may not. Be careful about what you post. 

Inappropriate Personal Thoughts & Images

Ask: what would grandma think? 

Selfies In Sacred & Serious Places 

Tourists in places like Cambodia keep getting in trouble because they take flippant, partly nude, or otherwise disrespectful selfies at ancient Buddhist temples. Or consider the people who take silly pictures at war memorials. Doing stuff like this is a sure-fire way to upset lots of people very quickly. 

Pictures of Credit Cards & Other Important Documents

Don’t make identity theft easy. 

Videos or Pictures of Friends Kids Without Their Permission 

So you shot a video of your little tyke and his buddies doing one of those Fortnite dances. If you must share, send it around to their parents, but hold off on posting it. Some parents take a hard line against sharing videos of their kids on social media, and that’s their choice. 

Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Addresses, etc. 

Leave your phone number public on Facebook and say hello to regular calls inviting you to pay for shady air duct cleaning services. It’s very easy for spammers to harvest that kind of data from social media—if you put it there. 

The Bottom Line 

Remember, these rules aren’t just for you. If you have children or teenagers, make sure you discuss oversharing with them. They may understand social media better than you, but you understand safety and social expectations in a way they don’t.