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7 Hidden Features on Netflix

Want to get more from your Netflix experience? Try these little-known but useful features. 

Remove Something From Your History 

Why might you want something removed from your Netflix history? Well, maybe you stopped watching Gnome Alone after the kids fell asleep and you’d like Netflix to ask when you’d like to finish it. Or maybe you watched A Christmas Prince and now you’re sick of seeing all the movies similar to your favourite guilty pleasure. Or maybe you watched an episode ahead on Empire and you can’t let your significant other know or there will be consequences. 

Simply go to You’ll see a list of all the titles you’ve viewed. To the right of each title you’ll see a No symbol (the circle with a diagonal line through it). Click it, and the title goes away. Now you’ll just have to practise your surprised reaction for Empire

See All Account Activity

Do you think that you have a sneaky relative mooching off your Netflix account? Or are you worried that your teenager spent the night binging Riverdale instead of studying? 

Well, you can find out by going to See Recent Account Access, which is on the Viewing Activity page. Here you can get a list of what devices are accessing your account, where they are, and when they’re accessing. 

Sign Out of All Devices

If you spot any suspicious account activity in Viewing Activity, you can shut it down by going to your Account page and then selecting Sign Out of All Devices. This will sign out of your Netflix account everywhere—on every TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone where you’re signed in. Make sure you change your password, and then keep an eye out for any other suspicious activity. 

Download Shows & Movies

Some (but not all) content on Netflix is available for download to computer, tablet, or smartphone via the Netflix app. Open the app, select Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then Available for Download. You will now see all the shows and movies that you may download. Search for the one you want, and then tap the Download button, which looks like an arrow pointing down towards a horizontal line. 

Change Subtitle Appearance 

If you want your subtitles a little clearer, first click on your profile. Then, select Your Account. From here, select Subtitle Appearance. Now, you can change the font and size of your subtitles. You can even add a black background behind your subtitles. 

Find Special Features 

Do you miss the special features from DVDs? Well, some of these are available for specific shows and movies on Netflix. When you’re on a show or movie title page, select the Trailers and More option. If available, you can find things like behind the scenes features here.  

Watch Without Watching 

Do you like to listen to TV shows without really paying attention to the screen? Then this tip is for you. On the title page for the show you want to watch without watching, select Audio and Subtitles. Below the options for subtitles are the audio options. Select Audio Description, and a narrator will describe what’s happening on screen in between dialogue. 

The Bottom Line 

If you find yourself watching Netflix more than cable TV, maybe it’s time to think about cutting the cord. There are plenty of reasons to do so.