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Primus first carrier in Canada to offer Panasonic TGP600 cordless phone for business

First ever DECT wireless IP desk phone frees users from cables, enabling small businesses to enjoy highest quality calls anywhere in the office

TORONTO – DECEMBER 7, 2015Primus Telecommunications (Primus) is the first Canadian carrier to offer the unique Panasonic TGP600 cordless phone to small and medium sized businesses. This innovative wireless desk phone with IP cordless handsets requires no Ethernet cables, providing businesses with complete freedom to place their phones anywhere and enjoy the highest call quality throughout the office. .

Offered as an option for the Primus Hosted Business Phone System, the Panasonic TGP600 consists of a base unit, which acts as the central wireless station that communicates with up to eight cordless handsets or wireless desk phones. Desk phones or cordless handsets can be configured as either companion phones for an individual or as separate extensions, and the system can support up to four simultaneous calls.

“Our customers are increasingly demanding greater flexibility and mobility in their workplace communication solutions. The Panasonic TGP600 is ideal for those business users with small and home offices, or workspaces such as retail environments or small warehouses, who want to communicate anywhere without being constrained by access to cables,” says Brad Fisher, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product at Primus.

Fisher adds that conventional cordless phones with landlines have coverage limited to a single base unit, which must be placed at a central location like a front desk, and do not offer extended wireless coverage to the entire office. In contrast, the TGP600 has a coverage area up to 50 metres, which can be extended by up to three times (up to 150 metres) with the purchase of optional repeater units, providing high quality call reception in spread-out work spaces.

“The Panasonic TGP600 is a high quality, stable product that’s very easy to install, making it ideal for distribution through carriers such as Primus. It adds a particularly attractive proposition for the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) market, where businesses are looking for increased mobility, even with a small workforce,” says Magnus McDermid, Vice President – Enterprise Solutions, Panasonic Canada Inc.

The Panasonic TGP600 is pre-configured for the Primus Hosted Phone System, so a business can just plug it in and start communicating. This wireless desk phone can be placed anywhere without additional costly Ethernet wiring installation being required. By combining a desk phone and cordless unit, small businesses can be more responsive to customer needs, since they can answer a call on the desk phone and switch to the cordless phone to walk to another area of the office without interrupting the conversation.

Users can even unplug their desk phones and relocate them to another area within the office, without needing an Ethernet cable. They just plug it into a power outlet, and after the phone powers up, they can start making calls again.

The TGP600 features sophisticated DECT 6.0 technology for secure, encrypted communication, and superior sound quality. Conventional cordless phones often experience fading and signal errors in noisy environments or when users move around locations with metallic ceilings or walls. The DECT 6.0 technology is highly resistant to Wi-Fi, cellular and microwave interference, to ensure that users can conduct more comfortable, uninterrupted calls.

With the Primus IP-based Business Phone System, there’s no costly or time consuming set-up required, and customers pay a monthly per user fee, providing an effective way for companies to cut operating costs and be more competitive. Plus, with over 50 big business calling features and a robust online admin portal, small businesses gain control over their business communications. Users can project a professional business image by controlling how calls are answered without having to be physically connected to the office.

Optional add-ons such as softphone applications for smartphones and tablets, Hosted Call Centre and Hosted Call Recording, provide additional opportunities for businesses to scale their operations when needed.

“By adding the Panasonic TGP600 phone to our portfolio of communication solutions, we are introducing Canadian small and medium businesses to more innovative technology choices to help them succeed, and we’re providing them with a compelling, competitive alternative to the major national telco providers,” notes Fisher.

About Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.
Primus is the largest national independent telecommunications service provider in Canada. Primus offers a wide selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide including Home Phone, Internet, Long Distance, VoIP, Enterprise IP Voice Solutions, Hosted Phone Systems, (Hosted PBX), Dedicated Data Access and IP connectivity solutions. In the United States, Primus provides reliable and affordable digital home phone (VoIP) service under the Lingo brand. Primus was founded in 1997 and has over 500 employees located in offices across Canada including Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, London and Edmundston. For further information, visit primus.ca.

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