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Consumers gain protection against unwanted telemarketing calls as FCC approves robocall blocking technology

Unique call screening technology at last permitted in US after proving effective in Canada over past decade

TORONTO, June 18, 2015Primus Telecommunications (Primus) today praised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for strengthening consumer protection against unwanted telemarketing calls and robocalls, enabling Americans to access the extensive safeguards offered by Primus’ Telemarketing Guard™ technology.

The FCC voted today to clarify that U.S. carriers are not only now permitted, but encouraged to offer technologies that screen unwanted calls. While such “do-not-disturb” technologies were previously considered unlawful in the U.S., Primus’ Telemarketing Guard™ has successfully screened millions of unwanted calls in Canada for nearly a decade.

“With today’s vote, the FCC has implored U.S. carriers to offer the same protections we’ve long made available to Canadian consumers,” remarked Brad Fisher, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product at Primus. “Our technology gives each individual customer the final say over who they speak with, and it has proven itself to be the leading platform to empower consumers against frustrating—and often criminal—mass calls.”

Unwanted calls are the number one consumer complaint to the FCC, as highlighted by the 2013 hearings of the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance. Chairperson Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), observed that, “The fraudsters shouldn't be the only ones taking advantage of advances in technology, we should also be using it to stop them. We shouldn't be ten years behind Canada on this, where a robocall filtering service is already available.”

“We’re proud that our industry-leading technology has been recognized by consumer-focused legislators,” said Fisher, noting that Primus executives were invited to advise the Congressional Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on strategies to stop fraudulent robocall scams. “We look forward to opportunities to deploy or license our technology in the U.S.”

Telemarketing Guard™ adaptable to U.S. networks, regulations

Telemarketing Guard™ is an optional feature that screens calls according to customer preferences. Primus launched the service across its Canadian network in 2007 and holds both Canadian and US patents for the proprietary technology. The system does not require end-users to purchase or install any equipment or software, and can be adapted to existing network infrastructure and tailored to address specific needs of customers, carriers and legislative or regulatory bodies.

Offered to Primus customers at no cost, Telemarketing Guard™ is unique from other call blocking technologies because it ensures the individual user has ultimate control over who they communicate with at all times. Individual subscribers are granted personalized allow and deny lists to accept or reject an unlimited amount of telephone numbers. The system harnesses individual user feedback and its intelligent monitoring system to identify suspicious calling patterns and screen unwanted calls before the customer’s phone rings. Intercepted calls are treated according to the customer’s personalized settings, and may be blocked, allowed, or sent to voicemail at any time.

About Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

Primus is the largest independent telecommunications service provider in Canada. Primus offers a wide selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide including Home Phone, Internet, Long Distance, VoIP, Enterprise IP Voice Solutions, Hosted Phone Systems, (Hosted PBX), Dedicated Data Access and IP connectivity solutions. In the United States, Primus provides reliable and affordable digital home phone (VoIP) service under the Lingo brand. Primus was founded in 1997 and has over 600 employees located in offices across Canada including Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, London and Edmundston. For further information, visit primus.ca.

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