CyberGuard - Cyberbullying Tips, Truths & Tactics


Is everything you believe about cyberbullying a myth?

We Are All Connected

The importance of technology in your teen’s world and how it can foster healthy relationships – or be used to abuse others.


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Is Your Child in Danger?

DIRL, IHML, KPC…WTF? “Die In Real Life”, “I Hate My Life”, “Keep Parents Clueless”. What you need to know about cyberbullying to protect your child.


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The Power of Experience

It’s not easy to keep up with the latest technology, but you don’t need to. At its core, bullying is a relationship problem. And parents have years of relationship experience to draw on.

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What Parents Say vs What Parents Do

Your actions have more influence over your child’s online behaviour than you think. Evaluate your online and offline actions, are you sending your child the wrong messages?

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How Can Parents Help?

Don’t unplug! Taking electronic devices away is not the best way to handle cyberbullying. Strategies to guide behaviour, teach relationship skills and protect your child from abuse.

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Start the Conversation


To understand the issues kids are dealing with, you need to talk about what’s going on in their life. Follow our direct and indirect prompts to get the conversation started.

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