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Business Calling Cards

Get an affordable way to stay connected with business associates and clients. Call within Canada and the United States at 16¢ per minute.*

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Business Calling Cards

Benefits of Business Calling Cards for your Business

  • Top Quality Voice Connections
  • Call anywhere, from anywhere
  • Pay for only what you use

Never worry about dropped calls or call clarity with Primus calling cards. Primus delivers quality voice communications.

You can originate your call from 28 international locations to reach Canada, the US, and over 200 countries world-wide.

Primus is committed to affordability and has no setup fees or minimum monthly commitments. Plus, you can be sure you're getting great rates!


From Canada / United States to Overseas:

From Overseas to Canada / United States

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  • Expanding to a new office location?
  • Looking to upgrade your current system?
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