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Hosted Call Recording

Have calls recorded and stored so that they are available to be retrieved when you need them to aid in compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality assurance.

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Hosted Call Recording

Benefits of Hosted Call Recording for your Business

  • Customer Experience Monitoring & Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Rapid & Easy to deploy
  • Compliance
  • Quality Assurance / Coaching

Proactively listen to calls, and provide ongoing coaching to improve employee performance, and to enhance the customer experience.

Quickly resolve customer disputes for service, billing or legal matters.

No onsite equipment required. No applications to download or manage. Maintenance free.

Keep recordings safe and secure to fully satisfy all compliance requirements. All calls are available in a single hosted portal.

Easily train new employees by monitoring calls.

Hosted Call Recording Features

Online Portal & Dashboard

Offers the user an instant view of call recording activity and system statistics.

Call Categorization

Group calls for easy reference and tracking.


Generate reports displaying calls with specific attributes.

Archive Calls

Archive calls locally to allow for permanent retention of recordings for future use or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Online Portal & Dashboard
  • Call Categorization
  • Reporting
  • Archive Calls
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Hosted Call Recording Features

+ Included in the service
+ Optional Product Features (Add-on)
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