What Is A Hosted Call Center

A hosted call center, also known as a virtual call center, is a center where the necessary equipment is hosted by a third party. Utilities, software, and other features are not provided in-house, but rather supplied by another company. Hosted call centers are growing in popularity thanks to the diverse range of benefits that they offer companies of all sizes. If you’re looking for an affordable and functional solution for your call center, consider some of the compelling reasons for turning to a hosted call centre solution.

What’s Provided

Hosted call centers supply companies with everything they need to run a functional call center with minimal on-site equipment. This may include IVR, ACD, WFM, unified messaging, and other equipment. A third party installs the PBX and automated call distributor, then manages software and other cloud based applications related to the system remotely.

Hosted Call Centers and Business Growth

One of the reasons hosted call centers are enjoying a surge in popularity is their supreme flexibility. With a hosted call center, business growth no longer necessitates the installation of new equipment. A simple phone call is enough to acquire the features and functionality needed to grow a company’s call center capabilities. Primus offers various call center solution plans allowing you to choose the features and functionalities that best meet the specific demands of your business and these solutions are readily able to be scaled to an organization of any size. Whether your business requires a more simple or advanced feature set or the number of users is small or large, Primus hosted call centers has a plan to facilitate your business needs. .

At any time, clients who use a hosted call center can call to add features to their plan, such as an auto attendant that will answer and route calls. Upgrading from one plan to another is simple, so businesses can grow seamlessly without any of the significant growing pains that are often felt by smaller companies who host their own call center equipment.

Quick Fixes and Simplified Maintenance

With a hosted call center, the equipment and software that’s needed for the call center is hosted in a centrally managed location, typically a datacenter. This means that platform upgrades and service enhancements are automatically applied to all users on the system.. No longer will your business have to call out your IT team to upgrade equipment as Primus’ call centre applications are browser-based. Cloud based solutions simplify patches, improvements, and new software installation.

In-House Control

While a hosted call center does take a great deal of the responsibility away from the business itself, it doesn’t eliminate any of the company’s control. It’s important to note that hosted call centers include equipment for the call center, but do not offer staffing for the call center itself.

Your company is free to hire its own staff and maintain the internal aspects of the call centers as seen fit. In fact, hosted call centers often offer better tools for tracking results than what you’ll get with other solutions. Primus’s hosted call center includes a web interface where call center managers can supervise agents, queue up calls, evaluate peak call times, and evaluate staff performance.

Monetary Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a hosted call center is the monetary savings you reap from having an outside company handle the PBX. Setup is minimal, maintenance is included, and upgrades are typically automatic and included in the price of your service subscription. Overall, hosted call centers are much less expensive than other solutions, making them a compelling consideration for any company that wants to cut costs without sacrificing customer service.

A hosted call center is not an outsourced call center. You maintain all your current staff, yet outsource the maintenance of your equipment. This call center solution is rapidly increasing in popularity as more businesses realize the overwhelming benefits of this cloud based approach to call management.