Smart PBX Solutions for Every Business

Hosted PBX solutions are a smart answer for businesses of any size. Cost-efficient, customizable, and reliable, these solutions can streamline your business activities whether you’re a small start-up or an enterprise level company. If you’re looking for quality and stability on a manageable budget, hosted PBX can offer unique benefits to any business.

Hosted PBX for Small Business: Smart Staffing Solutions

Hosted PBX for small business customers is the ideal solution to many challenges presented with a smaller group of staff. If your budget doesn’t allow for a receptionist, you can let an auto attendant take over instead. If you spend a lot of time on the road growing your business, you can have calls routed to your home office or cell phone so your customers can always connect with you easily on the first try.

Primus Hosted PBX Small Office is a budget-friendly solution that features the latest developments in hosted PBX systems. This phone system is constantly updated so you’re always working with the latest software. Dozens of customizable features are available so you can build the perfect system for your office. Choose options like:

  • Group pickup – your colleagues can pick up your calls if you are not around
  • Selective call forward list – forward calls from regular customers to their usual contact at your business
  • Time-of-day call routing – depending on the time of day, calls can be routed to home, office or other location
  • Find me, follow me – calls can be forwarded according to a pre-defined schedule
  • Personal greetings – greet customers using a personal message
  • Music-on-hold – can entice customers to stay on the line or even improve their mood

With hosted PBX solutions for your small business, you can offer customers all the conveniences of a large company and still keep the personal touch only your business can offer.

Mid-Size Business Solutions: Hosted PBX That Grows With You

If you’re growing your business beyond the limitations of what a small company can manage, you need to plan for growth. The best solution is a flexible communications system that scales easily as you grow.

cloud-based solution eliminates the hassle of changing out hardware and software and provides regular upgrades so you’re always using the latest technology. Use extension dialing to connect customers and employees between offices with no long distance. Other useful features for mid-sized business include a hosted call centre, advanced auto attendant, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to easily route callers to the right person or department.

A self-managed system is extremely flexible so you can customize your call management at any time to suit a growing business’s needs. Meanwhile, this solution eliminates the need for separate data and voice networks, a proprietary PBX phone, or a PBX chassis that you could easily outgrow. This solution frees you up to focus on your business growth while your hosted PBX services come along for the ride.

Enterprise Level Business: Large-Scale Solutions Customized for You

The benefits of hosted PBX are even more evident at the enterprise level. Multi-office solutions make it easy to stay connected even if your company has locations spread across Canada. One phone system connects all your employees, including those who are mobile. Extension dialing between offices with no long distance makes it possible for an enterprise level business to streamline connectivity and operate as efficiently as if everyone were working in the same room.

As businesses grow larger, maintaining good communication between customers and co-workers can become a challenge.  Advanced messaging features like distribution groups and email forwarding help streamline internal communications. Voicemail-to-email decreases the chance that a message will be missed. Employees can enjoy advanced messaging features including message retrieval via telephone, web portal, or email client.

Using a hosted call centre, a high volume of calls can be managed even more efficiently. With a supervisor dashboard, you can monitor agent performance, track call volume, and modify your auto attendant at any time. A straightforward web interface for your call centre allows you to scale as needed. Flexible hosting solutions give you the right features for your business, whether you have 5 employees in your call center or more than 50.

If you’re interested in simplifying your phone services without losing any of the features and functionality you rely on, hosted PBX solutions can meet the needs of any company.