Small Business Phone Systems On A Budget

Small Business Phone Systems On A Budget

Small businesses have to cut back on costs where they can to survive. However, contrary to popular belief, quality does not have to go out the window when operating on a budget, especially when it comes to phone systems.

Businesses all over the country have the ability to run effective telecommunications services, upgrading at the right time in order to keep up with the competition. This might sound like an expensive process, but businesses do not have to splash out; it is simply a case of knowing which option is best for their specific needs.

Here is a look at the different types of phone systems that small businesses should consider when operating on a budget.

What’s Wrong With Your Current Phone System?

A lot of modern day telecommunications companies operate using on-site Private Branch Exchange phone systems. PBX systems can be extremely useful for businesses of all sizes, remaining a practical solution for businesses that are rapidly expanding. You’ve probably seen PBX everywhere and this is hardly surprising. It’s an extremely popular telecommunication system and many businesses have found it useful when it comes to accelerating their growth.

However, technology is always changing, and in order to keep up with the frantic rush of the modern world, it’s always best to look at the other phone system options out there – such as Hosted PBX and Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology. These systems are faster and more efficient than traditional phone systems like on-site PBX, and are surprisingly affordable – even for the business with the more modest phone system budget.

Primus Hosted PBX Systems & Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Advanced and Affordable

Hosted PBX systems are similar to on-site PBX systems – except for the fact that they are run entirely based on cloud technology. This means that everything is done through the Internet with a dedicated private connection to ensure call quality and service reliability while still having access to a system that is scalable .By installing a Hosted PBX system through Primus, a business can gain features and flexibility while minimizing the costs of installing and maintaining an on-site system

At Primus, we offer a tailored Hosted PBX package customizable to each business.. These systems come with over fifty features designed to help businesses operate and function at a more efficient rate – such as Voicemail, Caller ID Voicemail, Caller ID, an optional Auto Attendant and system redundancy to guarantee service availability. But, best of all, these packages are available at extremely affordable rates. The all-in-one system allows you to work on the go and respond to clients and customers no matter where you are in the country, subsequently increasing productivity rates and allowing you to increase overall income as a result. Primus Hosted PBX also regularly updates itself, meaning you won’t be forced to splash out on upgrades or enhancements like with traditional systems. Overall, you’ll save a bundle by moving over to Primus Hosted PBX.

Indeed, you don’t always have to splash out for the best of the best – especially when it comes to phone systems from Primus. The most recent form of telecommunications technology, VoIP, is actually one of the most affordable small business phone systems available. Voice Over Internet Protocol systems utilize the Internet and/or private IP networks rather than traditional phone lines, rendering them portable, fast and inexpensive.

These systems are also ideal for enabling mobile workforces to maximize productivity through the ability to employ features like sending/making calls from laptops with softphones, find-me-to-follow me features to direct calls to their office, cellular or home phones and, in general, supporting work whenever and wherever is necessary. With these options, and a Wi-Fi connection, employees can conduct business in a manner that is efficient and effective.

Getting going with VoIP is so affordable that upfront costs can be cut dramatically, if not totally down to as low as $0. Running a company on VoIP will see you claw the cash back quickly, especially considering the fact that you can get them set up and fully operational much faster than with a traditional phone system deployment.

Don’t settle for a cheap alternative when you could get the best system out there for a similar price. Look at Primus’ Hosted PBX service and discover what they can do for your small business. If you’d like to learn more or get a quote for a new phone system, feel free to drop us a line on 1-888-411-6073. Our customer service assistants will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will assist you in any way they can.