Small Business Phone Systems Don\'t Have to be Small

Offer Big Services with Smart Phone Solutions

Professionally managing incoming calls is a common challenge for small businesses. Quality customer service can be the deciding factor for new clients considering your services. You want to provide every caller with an efficient and professional experience whether you’re answering the calls yourself or employing a staff of customer service agents to do so. Fortunately, small businesses don’t have to struggle with small phone systems when they choose the right services. Telephone systems for small business are available with a wide variety of functionality.

Staying Connected On the Road

If you’re pioneering your new business on your own or working with a small staff, you may not have someone in the office full time to field phone calls. You don’t want to give your customers a limited set of hours for reaching you, but it’s not practical to keep someone on the clock all the time for just a handful of callers. With a business VOIP phone service, you can ditch your local phone line and expand seamlessly with phone services that move easily from one location to another. Utilizing a VoIP (Voice over IP) network allows telephone calls to be transmitted over IP networks, such as the Internet versus the traditional copper-wire telephone system. 

With a Hosted PBX service, you can set your calls to ring through to your location, wherever that may be. Routed through VoIP, you can take calls on your cell phone from your hotel on the road, or answer calls alternately at your home phone and office location. Your small business can maintain the image of a large, readily available company while you enjoy the freedom to get out of the office and build your business as you see best.

Customizing Your Settings

Choose a small business PBX that lets you set your phone system to different settings as often as you need to maintain the appropriate level of availability as your business grows. Features like end-user controls and customizable configurations keep you in control even when you’re getting your phone services through a PBX.

case study of PBX implementation with the Maizis and Miller recruitment firm illustrates how a custom system can solve unique business challenges. Maizis and Miller wanted to prioritize call metrics and capture important data about staff performance. Their system now includes features that record the number of keystrokes an agent uses, how many screens they look at, and their inbound email activity so they can hold their employees to stellar service standards that easily rival big name competitors, though they’re still a small business of just 20 employees.

Directing Callers Seamlessly With Automated Attendants

It’s important to address your callers as quickly as possible, but small businesses don’t always have someone on hand to direct incoming calls. This is another common problem that’s easily solved by a small business hosted PBX. Automated attendants are a common feature that will help your callers reach the right person efficiently.

With an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) speech and data are integrated within the same line.  Utilizing an ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) you can carry multiple voice and data transmissions between the network & user. With an ISDN PRI you can handle more than 20 calls at a time with voice communications that are consolidated in a single circuit. Digital calls managed with an ISDN feature faster connection times and clearer signals for a better overall experience while configuration flexibility lets you set up a routing system that will carefully cater to all your customers’ most common needs.

Keeping a Professional Image On Hold

While you will ideally be able to answer incoming calls as they come through, this isn’t always possible, particularly when you’re working with limited staffing. When you can’t avoid time on hold, it’s important to at least give it as professional a face as possible. Small business PBX services typically include professional hold messages.

Pre-record useful information for your customers and you may be able to answer their questions while they’re still on hold, reducing your call volume and increasing customer satisfaction. A customized hold message can also help callers prepare for their turn by letting them know what account information you’ll need to process their request once they reach an agent.

Top Tech at Affordable Prices

One of the most compelling benefits of a small business PBX is its affordability. With a hosted PBX, you can obtain high-quality phones, customized features, and secure hosting and operation from one service. Upgrades and repairs are included so you don’t have to budget for regular updates to keep your system in top shape. Working with a hosted PBX also eliminates that expense of hardware and software. Setup and equipment are included in an affordable package.

Customize your phone services to suit the unique needs of your company with a business VOIP, ISDN PRI, hosted PBX, or a combination of services designed just for your needs.