Mobile Business Phones for Businesses On-the-Go Mobile Business Phones for Businesses On-the-Go

Mobile phones are rapidly transforming the way business is done, offering companies of all sizes innovative new ways to manage incoming calls. You no longer need to enlist the services of a full-time secretary to answer and direct your calls with today's tech on your side.

Call Forwarding for Days Away

While some jobs are confined to an office space, others will keep you away from your brick and mortar building for the majority of the day. If you're a service professional, your livelihood is entirely dependent on those jobs you complete on location. Though you're away from the office, it's still important for clients to have a way to contact you.
The traditional response is to hire a secretary or set up voice mail, but neither option is ideal. A full-time secretary will take a big chunk out of your operating budget for a job that won't actually keep an employee busy all day. Voice mail is an impersonal solution that delays your response time. A more efficient option is to simply have your calls forwarded to a mobile phone while you're away from the office. Call forwarding is a standard feature you can set up with local business phone lines, making it as simple as it is effective.

Data and WiFi Calls for Reduced Roaming

The Hosted PBX Small Office phone system uses your Internet connection to provide a premium phone system with minimal operational costs. This arrangement gives you access to your phone system anywhere you have an Internet connection. When you're on the road, you can use your mobile phone to make and receive calls using a data or WiFi network. This reduces your roaming expenses and offers an easy way to stay connected while you're away.
This system is available for iPhone and Android devices, so you will still enjoy the opportunity to select your own device. Growing a small business naturally requires some time on the road. With this type of system, your mobile phone lets you connect seamlessly with clients no matter where you are, so you can operate a truly mobile office that travels alongside you.

Find Me, Follow Me for Smart Routing

Find Me, Follow Me is a handy feature that's ideal for professionals that rotate between different offices. If you split your time between multiple locations, Find Me, Follow Me will make sure your clients can reach you easily no matter where you are. This feature lets you connect a whole list of phone numbers to one incoming number. Clients only need to call one number to reach you, but the PBX small office system will reach out to several other numbers either sequentially or simultaneously.
You can set up a Find Me, Follow Me system to coincide with a predetermined weekly schedule, or have it reach out to all your potential numbers until it rings through to the phone you're closest to. If you're unreachable at all the provided numbers, the system will route the call to voice mail so calls never ring out.

Auto Attendant for Automatic Routing

As your company grows, it's increasingly unlikely that you'll be the primary contact point for all incoming calls. There's no need for you to waste your time routing callers to the IT or finance department. Auto attendant is an efficient addition to your PBX system that will take over the job of a receptionist for a fraction of the cost.
The auto attendant, alternatively known as a virtual receptionist or digital receptionist, provides a pre-recorded greeting and voice menu. This allows callers to navigate their options so each call is directed to the right department. With an auto attendant, time on hold is greatly reduced because callers are queued up for the appropriate department. When you're out of the office, auto attendant will also connect callers to your mobile device when needed so the calls you need to address personally come right to you.
Telecommuting is increasing in popularity while the traditional brick and mortar office is diminishing. You don't need to be confined to an office all day to enjoy efficient communications. With a mobile device at your side, you can spend your work day anywhere you're most needed, and your calls will always catch up with you.