How a Hosted Phone Solution Helped Make Relationships Better

The Love Listeners is a company that provides over-the-phone relationship advice. Anytime, anywhere, they’re available to take calls, listen to their clients, and provide relationship expertise. Obviously, their phone service is a key component of their business.

Unfortunately, the phone service that the Love Listeners had used in the past wasn’t good for their needs. They just had a regular business line with no features. They couldn’t access calls from anywhere. Because they couldn’t get calls, they’d have to spend time everyday checking voicemails. And to top it all off, their US customers had trouble reaching them. Clearly, the Love Listeners needed a change. As co-owner Natasha Saunders put it, “When we called the first provider, we were searching for answers; when we contacted Primus, they already had the answers.”

The solution Primus recommended was a hosted phone system. With a hosted phone system the Love Listeners aren’t limited to a single business line. They have private lines, but they can login from anywhere and take calls. Cell phone, handset, at the computer—it doesn’t matter. The freedom to speak with clients from wherever they are has increased their business. On top of that, they’re very happy that Primus takes care of the technical side of things. Their old phone service provider made a lot of errors and didn’t fix problems in a timely manner. With Primus, they don’t have to worry about solving technical problems. Primus just takes care of it. “We’re not tech savvy people,” says Saunders. Co-owner Kai Downes adds, “We rely on the Primus rep as a member of our team . . . Whenever we need something, we can call [our rep].”

The Love Listeners spend all their time troubleshooting relationships—they don’t have time to troubleshoot IT problems. And nor should they. Primus takes care of the technical side so the Love Listeners can focus on their business. And they’ve been happy with the result.  “We’ve been recommending Primus to everyone.”

Watch what the Love Listeners have to say about their new phone system: