Why Community Living Toronto Went With a Hosted PBX

Community Living Toronto helps thousand of people with intellectual disabilities live in the community. Sometimes this means helping them live in a supported community. Other times it means helping them live alone or with a roommate. People with disabilities and their families can count on Community Living Toronto to provide a range of personalised support and services.

Of course, with such a challenging mandate, Community Living Toronto needed a smart, easy-to-use, and intuitive phone system. Prior to contacting Primus, they were in some trouble. They have several locations across Toronto, all of which had their own independent systems, which were aging and failing. Repairs required calling different technicians for different systems, and replacement parts were getting hard to find. What Community Living Toronto needed was a single system that could be used agency-wide, allowing for staff to contact each other directly and transfer across different locations. Unfortunately, the infrastructure required to do all this would have meant multiple on-premise phone systems (PBXs) deployed across multiple locations, which would also require dedicated staff.

That’s why Community Living Toronto ended up going with a hosted phone system from Primus. According to Flavian Pinto, the CFO / CIO, “Having a supplier who could provide a hosted service and take care of everything—does the upgrades, software upgrades—was more attractive to us. Primus gave us the best solution.”

What does the best solution look like? Community Living Toronto says that Primus has been a good partner for a decade. The hosted phone system features things like Find Me, Follow Me, hoteling for mobile executives, easy call tree management, different queues for different service desks, and increased system availability. Of course, going with a hosted phone system costs less money in terms of operating costs, and it allowed Community Living Toronto to avoid a very large capital expenditure, letting them spend more money where it counts.