Integrating your Telephony with your Computer Telephony and Computer Integration Options

Computer-telephony integration, also known as CTI, refers to any system that uses computers to manage telephone communications. CTI can take many forms, making it a highly customizable choice for businesses of any size. CTI applications can route calls, authenticate callers, pre-dial numbers for outbound calls, and much more.

Understanding Business VoIP Systems

VoIP phone services deliver voice communication over IP, or Internet protocol, networks. Also known as Internet telephony, VoIP systems eliminate the need for traditional circuit transmissions. Broadband Internet connections are necessary for a VoIP system, but nearly all businesses have this technology today. VoIP telephone systems make it easy to set up new offices quickly and efficiently with the option to add extensions and incorporate mobile devices as needed.

A computer isn’t necessary for a standard VoIP system, but operating your phones this way makes it easy to manage both your computer Internet access and phone usage through the same provider. In the case of an outage or tech problem, it’s much easier to have a single point of contact for all your systems.

Office Softphones

Softphone software allows you to make and receive calls on your computer. Primus Softphone software allows you to accept calls via a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or the Internet. This provides a handy alternative to a second phone line in a rapidly growing office. Softphone software also makes it easier to stay connected while you’re on the road. You can route calls through your laptop or mobile device and accept incoming calls from anywhere.

Softphone software integrates seamlessly with hosted PBX systems and extends the functionality of VoIP systems. It will increase productivity with a minimal investment. In a busy setting like a hotel or airport, softphone software can offload calls to Wi-Fi for a seamless experience that keeps communications running smoothly. With an intuitive navigation panel, making and receiving calls through this software program is as easy as using a more traditional phone handset.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems can be delivered in two ways.

The first is over a regular Internet connection that’s shared with your regular Internet traffic (email, web browsing, etc.). This will require IT/Internet service provider expertise to ensure your router manages local traffic and ensure call quality isn’t affected by other activity (file downloads, video streaming, etc.). The second way is having a dedicated, private data connection used exclusively for Hosted PBX. This ensures your calls are consistently of a very high quality and are not impacted in any detrimental way by regular Internet activities.

Converting to a Hosted PBX system offers numerous benefits. Users can configure call treatments based on the time of day and day of the week, so callers will receive a customized message that offers different instructions when the office is closed rather than open, or on the weekend instead of a weekday. Users can also handle inbound calls differently depending on how the caller is identified. This level of customization can dramatically change the way you handle communications. Primus Hosted PBX Systems also allow you to save enormous amounts of money over time. By using our systems, you avoid costly maintenance fees and eliminate expense on upgrades.

Hosted Call Centre

With a hosted call center, you can manage and customize your call center using a web portal. Your computer essentially becomes the control center for your phone system. The Primus Call Centre requires neither software nor hardware. This eliminates many installation expenses, maintenance fees and upgrades costs. From the web portal, you can add or remove agents, adjust queues, monitor calls, and evaluate agent performance. By selecting Primus Hosted Call Centre, you can boost productivity, reduce operational costs and take complete control of your office by having access to state of the art call center management technology. You can also enhance the flexibility of your business, as the web interface allows agents to work from anywhere at any time – rendering our Hosted Call Centers the perfect solution for a company that plans on expanding in the near future.

Integrating your computer and telephone system is an affordable way to increase the functionality and efficiency of both. If your phone system isn’t meeting your needs or living up to your expectations, consider moving to a dramatically different system for a fast solution to your problems.