Embrace Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Embrace the cloud
Cloud-based phone systems are rapidly becoming more popular with every passing day, and it is easy to see why when you consider the advantages they hold for both small and large businesses. Adopting a cloud-based phone system empowers businesses to make communication deployment decisions that are cost effective and easily conform to the ever changing needs of the modern workplace. Here is a look at a few of the main reasons that all business owners should consider embracing a cloud-based phone system.

Cost savings
Smart business owners cut back on costs where they can, and cloud-based phone systems allow organizations to do just that. Purchasing an entire platform becomes a thing of the past for any business that chooses to move over to a cloud-based phone system because organizations only need to pay for what they actually use, and it comes with considerably lower up front capital costs. They can also scale up or down whenever they feel it is necessary.

Employing cloud-based phone systems also allows businesses greater adaptability with office space allocation. Previously, in order to conduct business, every employee required a phone and a desk and those resources were tied to an office location. However, today with options like cloud-based phone systems, business owners can make decisions about where and how their employees work based on production needs. As a business owner this significantly improves your ability to allocate office space as efficiently as possible, opening opportunities to invest those cost-savings into other aspects of the business. Today's marketplace appreciates efficiencies and tractable business components, making cloud-based phone systems a worthy consideration.

Eighty-two percent of companies have reportedly saved money by moving over to the cloud.  

Disaster Recovery
For many businesses, creating a uniform business operational plan in the event of loss of connectivity or inability to physically go to an office has not been on the radar, or within the scope of their business time-constraints. However, due to the 24/7 demands of consumers and the need for businesses to fulfill those requirements, having a quick and consistent set of standardized procedures is warranted.
The likely assumption that you are out of business, or simply unavailable to meet the needs of your customers because the phones aren't working, could cause the loss of actual business or diminished trust in your business' ability to respond swiftly to the demands of your clients. By switching to cloud-based phone systems you have a phone continuity plan in place and can continue to be an available voice for your customers.

With any cloud- based technology, including cloud-based phone systems, the main attraction is flexibility, scalability and rapid-response adaptability. By accessing one uniform platform, as your business needs change, your telephony demands can be altered to match. This can be done without the need to install new costly hardware or disrupt business flow; it's simple and seamless. Adding extensions or changing where and how that extension is secured can all be handled by one source, minimizing or limiting the need for local IT/infrastructure personnel to support those functions.


Assisting the IT department
Another great thing about embracing cloud-based phone systems is that it gives you the chance to realign your perspectives, face your objectives head on, and favor what is best for the business. Companies that operate using traditional communications technology often find themselves requesting the services of the IT department to maintain phone systems or work to upgrade functionality but with cloud-based phone systems, the platform is administered by the provider. IT support is still required to support end users but the greater function of the system is removed from their responsibility; allowing IT staff to focus on strategy and analysis. The cloud saves your IT staff's valuable time resource. According to research, an astonishing 90 percent of IT decision-makers recognized at least one area of improvement in their department since moving across to the cloud.

Modern and competitive
Moving across to cloud-based phone systems can ensure any small business remains modern and competitive within an increasingly demanding and crowded competitive space. The features and functionality can be quickly tailored to each business down to the individual user without using internal IT resources, allowing businesses greater and more cost effective options as to how they wish to employ their resources. Communication tools are maintained contractually through your provider, thus freeing up businesses to focus on their deliverables and future projects. Cloud-based phone systems are an ideal way for businesses to capitalize on the benefits of contemporary technologies.  
Overall, it is clear that cloud-based phone systems can have all kinds of benefits for your business. It allows you to operate securely, effectively and flexibly for minimal cost, increasing the opportunity for you to boost profits as a result. Embracing this modern technology can help any company achieve new heights.