When Your Small Business Should Consider Fiber Internet

When your small business should consider fiber optic Internet

There are very few things more appealing in the modern day business world than the aspect of speed. Technology has reached a point now where organizations can do things with the click of a button in the blink of an eye, as each and every industry is forced to operate at lightning pace in order to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of customers and clients alike. Nowadays, even some of the smaller towns in the country are home to high-speed fiber Internet. For a business to thrive in the modern environment, it needs to take advantage of the technology that facilitates speedy processes. That’s where business-grade dedicated fiber optic Internet can prove useful.

No new PC technology is required to operate fiber optic Internet, which means that any business can upgrade to it at any time they desire.. There are typically two types of fiber Internet services. One that’s used for residential homes and apartments (based on GPON technology), where it is a best effort fiber-to-the-premise service. For this type of service, speeds aren’t guaranteed as the bandwidth is shared with others. The second type is a business-grade, dedicated fiber connection where speeds are guaranteed, and there’s a strong Service-Level Agreement tied to it. This second type is much more expensive, as it’s built for business-use only

Here are a few scenarios where your small business could benefit from bringing in this super-fast Internet technology.

When your business is moving to the cloud

If your business is moving to cloud computing to complete day to day tasks, fiber optic Internet will allow your team members to access data and applications stored in the cloud faster. The cloud is an important business tool as it allows fiber optics companies to move IT infrastructure to the cloud, manage CRM platforms or work with web applications.
Internet connectivity should not slow down your employee’s productivity. Fiber optic is extremely advanced, meaning it will work with most computer system upgrades and support business growth with ease.

When you’re seeking stability

One of the very best features of fiber optic Internet is the fact that it is extremely dependable and reliable. If your business has been experiencing downtime due to technical faults and power failures, it might be worth turning to fiber optics sooner rather than later. This technology offers businesses a stable solution that rarely falters or loses its connection to the web. It can handle multiple downloads and uploads without suffering any sort of lapse in speed and is also resistant to some forms of interference that can plague more traditional Internet connections, such as power lines in the office building vicinity.

When you’re seeking improved communication

No other system offers the amount of bandwidth that fiber optic Internet does, which means that this data transmission is one of the most effective ways to communicate with clients over the web. This kind of connection also helps to support hosted PBX phone systems, which act as a great way to communicate with customers and clients for a minimal cost.

If you’re working from home

If you’re operating a small business from the comfort of your own home, having a high-speed Internet connection is an absolute must. It can be easy to lose track of what’s going on in the business world when you’re not in a typical office environment, but fiber optic Internet offers the kinds of speeds you need to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and keep your company in touch.
Fiber optic systems enable employees to work from home if they cannot make it into the office on a particular day. This technology allows them to log into the company system quickly and easily, enabling them to perform ordinary day-to-day tasks, such as using network drives, without having to even be in the same room as other members of staff. In this sense, fiber optic Internet technology provides businesses with flexibility – a trait that should never be underestimated in the modern working world.

When looking for an investment to catapult your company’s growth

Overall, small business fiber optic Internet is suitable in several different scenarios. It may be tempting to stick with a more traditional system given its familiarity, but if your company is growing and your current broadband is preventing things from truly taking off, it may be worth considering putting a little investment capital on the backburner and using it to purchase fiber optic technology a little ways down the road. It is a decision you’re very unlikely to ever regret.