4 Crucial Questions about Cloud Phone Services

Cloud based telephone systems offer many benefits. They’re easier to operate across multiple locations and streamline scalability. Small businesses that plan to expand into multiple offices are an ideal fit for a cloud based system. This type of telephony also makes it easier to integrate mobile devices, so entrepreneurs can have calls routed to their mobile phones to manage business easily no matter where they are. Before you settle for a cloud phone service provider, there are four important questions you should ask.

What Features Are Offered?

Cloud phone services range from a basic VOIP to an extensive hosted PBX phone system. You can access more than 50 distinctive features depending on your service provider. Carefully consider the needs of your business to make sure you’re getting a system that will improve your productivity and streamline office functionality.

If you take a large number of incoming calls, consider a system with features like a hosted call centre or auto attendant. If you operate several offices, you’ll want extension dialing with no long distance fees. Find me, follow me is ideal for busy professionals who spend a lot of time moving between office locations or doing business on the road.

Don’t believe the misconception that cloud phone services aren’t as extensive as those hosted on-site. With the right provider you can access all the features you need. Make sure you’re taking the time to find the right one.

How Do You Handling Scaling?

Businesses scale up and down all the time, and it’s not always possible to predict when you’ll hit a growth spurt or see your industry suddenly slow down. It’s important to have a cloud phone service that’s appropriate to the size of your company. If it’s too small, your customers will end up frustrated with their inability to reach you. A system that’s too large will drain your business funds, potentially putting added strain on your accounts during an already difficult time.

The ideal service provider will offer flexible scaling options that make it easy to increase your phone services as needed when your company grows quickly, or cut back if you’re not using all the features on your current plan.

How is Your Pricing Plan Structured?

Understanding the core price of a company’s products and services is only half of the battle with cloud phone services. It’s important that you ask exactly how the pricing plan is structured. What services incur an additional fee? Added charges may apply to features like an auto attendant. Understanding all the applicable charges will help you compare systems fairly and budget appropriately for your final choice.

You also want to understand how often you’re billed and what fees apply to each bill. You don’t want to open your first monthly bill to find a slew of recurring processing fees and miscellaneous charges tacked on. Get a clear estimate of your pricing plan upfront.

What Other Systems Do You Offer?

One of the fastest ways to streamline office management is to choose a single provider for multiple services. Look for a phone service provider that can help meet some of your other needs as well. Bundle your Internet, cloud phone system, and long distance calling into one business plan. Purchasing a packaged deal will roll several bills into one. It also gives you just one customer service number to keep on hand when you’re having technical difficulties. Service providers that handle multiple systems for you can better tailor their services to meet your needs.

The right cloud phone service provider will be able to answer these questions promptly. Take the time to research services from multiple providers to make sure you’ve found the perfect fit for your company.