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Business Bundle

Bundle your services with Primus, and keep your business humming like a well oiled machine. Forget the additional headache of managing multiple communication vendors. With one partner to manage it all for you, you can focus on running your business. The Primus bundle is packed with features, offering more value beyond just phone, internet and long distance minutes.

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Business Bundle

Benefits of Business Bundle for your Business

  • Better Value
  • Faster Support
  • Add What You Need

By bringing your services together services into one package with Primus, you're guaranteed to get better value.

When you have all your services from the same provider, you have one provider who can troubleshoot for you. When you have multiple providers, you have to call each company for troubleshooting, and you may have have to go back and forth to find out if the matter resides with caused by your internet provider, or your local provider, or your LD provider.

Upgrade to a faster internet connection, add more business phone lines, or add a toll-free number to complete your package.

Business Bundle Features

Business Internet

- Up to 60 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload speeds
- 1 Dynamic IP Address
- Wireless Modem Rental
- Unlimited Usage
- Backup Dial-Up Internet Account

Business Phone Line

- Call Display
- Call Forwarding
- 3-Way Calling
- Call Waiting or Call Hunting
+ Voicemail

Long Distance

- 500 minutes to US and Canada*
- 3 cents per minute thereafter
* Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, US premium routes, and 867 area code (Canadian territories).


- 5 email accounts
- Webmail
- Anti-spam and Anti-virus email protection

  • Business Internet
  • Business Phone Line
  • Long Distance
  • Email


Starting from: $74 .95/mo.*
in select areas on a 3-year term. Contact us for availability.
  • Planning on starting a business?
  • Expanding to a new office location?
  • Looking to upgrade your current system?
  • Want to learn more about what we can do for you?

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Enhance your bundle

  • Upgrade to a faster internet connection
  • Add more Business Phone Lines
  • Get a toll-free number to expand your business
  • Add conferencing and collaborate with staff, customers and suppliers
  • Add a Static IP address $10/mo
  • Add more email accounts $4.95/mo
  • Alternate Number and Ring
  • "Add up to 3 phone numbers to your phone line, each with a distinctive ring" $6.95/mo
  • Enhanced Feature Package
  • "manage features online, setup call screening, call treatments, and have voicemails emailed to you. Available only at select locations" $7.95/mo