5 Reasons To Consider Dedicated Internet 5 Reasons to consider dedicated internet

What is Dedicated Internet?

Dedicated Internet Access is a point-to-point connection from the service provider’s network to your location. Unlike other solutions, a dedicated connection is not shared with other businesses in the vicinity giving you guaranteed speeds. Dedicated Internet access is typically delivered over copper or fibre and is available from speeds less than 1 Mbps to over 10Gbps. Some common options include managed solutions that allow you to manage and prioritize applications on your connection, and redundancy which gives you a backup option in case your primary connection is down.

What is Primus Dedicated Internet?

Primus’ Dedicated Internet provides high performance in various bandwidth levels – committed fixed speed or burstable – to meet current and future business needs. Primus’ multiple transport technologies (i.e. Fibre, Copper, T1) provide symmetrical, high speed connectivity for your business and are delivered to meet your business needs and budget. Primus’ national MPLS backbone, which leverages Primus’ Internet peering relationships, gives you high performance Internet connectivity with speeds ranging from 1Mbps to over 10Gbps.