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DRIVING DATA: The Evolution of Business Ethernet
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  • Ethernet was developed in 1973 & commercially introduced in 1980 Tweet this
  • Most networks are either Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) Tweet this
  • Ethernet has been one of the most disruptive innovations for businesses Tweet this
  • Ethernet switches can host hundreds of devices Tweet this
  • In 1973 Bob Metcalfe created Ethernet, with a speed of 3 Mbps Tweet this
  • Ethernet beat out two other LAN technologies – Token Ring & Token Bus Tweet this
  • Today’s Ethernet network can connect hundreds, even thousands of devices Tweet this
  • 2013 Primus becomes the first national Canadian full service provider to achieve Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification Tweet this

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What is carrier Ethernet?

Carrier Ethernet is a globally recognized and certified standard for Ethernet connectivity which is governed by the Metro Ethernet Forum – an organization comprised of hundreds of the top service providers and equipment manufacturers around the world. Carrier Ethernet 1.0 and 2.0 certifications are awarded by the Metro Ethernet Forum to service providers whose networks have passed a rigorous, standardized evaluation on various service performance metrics across five main categories: Standardized Services, Scalability, Reliability, Quality of Service, and Service Management.

What is Primus Carrier Ethernet?

Primus’ Carrier Ethernet is a MEF 2.0 certified, carrier-class network service that enables point-to-point and multipoint connectivity, standardized Multi-CoS with application-oriented CoS performance objectives and various service metrics. Carrier Ethernet provides highly transparent layer 2 connectivity through private line or virtual private services, supporting various bandwidth options, network topology, and quality of service per connection. Enabling a business with a carrier-grade Ethernet service will ensure its network management teams have a high degree of control and visibility into the operation of their network. Primus’ Carrier Ethernet is fully certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum as a CE 2.0 service and delivers an industry-leading customer experience over various dimensions and is backed by an enterprise SLA. Primus Carrier Ethernet is immediately available for nationwide implementation and comes available in 2 versions of point-to-point services, EPL and EVPL, or in 2 versions of multi-location wide area network configuration, EP-LAN and EVP-LAN.

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